The 12th didn’t want to feel left out

By Mir
January 12, 2011

Happy 1/12/11! What? You say that’s not a remarkable day? Whatever. Children’s Place begs to differ; today only, you can use coupon code FSSNOW for free shipping on any order! Plus, you can stack coupon code SAVINGS1C for an additional 15% off, too.

Free shipping and additional money off, on top of the current Monster Sale? It’s almost enough to make Wednesday bearable.


  1. Thanks!! I was able to get 2 pairs of fleece pants and 2 sweatshirts for my rapidly growing 3 year old.

  2. I was already on the TCP site looking at things for my kids but didn’t have the 15% code yet. Thanks Mir!

  3. Thanks for both codes! Nice to save a bit extra for things on clearance that I could use…my oldest goes through jeans like they’re made of paper and his brother is now in that size, not too many jeans to pass down that don’t have holes in them.

  4. The 12th will never be left out; it’s my mom’s birthday!! And I just scored some great deals on clothes for her grandsons! Thanks Mir for helping a family out!

  5. 14 items for $40 shipped. What a great stock up order for our baby girl who is due to arrive in April!

  6. Thanks, Mir! I got some stuff for my son, a baby gift for a friend and birthday gifts for my nephew! Score!

  7. I’ve never noticed before that Children’s Places doesn’t have a 2T in pants. 2T isn’t the same as 24 months, but they don’t have a 2T.

    Oh well, the baby’s out of luck but I got pants for my 3-year-old who somehow rips the right knee of every pair of pants he has, then refuses to wear them. I would have never guessed how picky a little boy can be about his clothes.

  8. Got a dress for the daughter and a handful of to-grow-intos for them both!

  9. I ordered a bunch of stuff during the last big CP sale – remember those $4 fleece pants?

    Well, they were too slim a fit for my wide-hipped 4 year old so I returned them in-store. Since there were other things I thought I might like, I asked for store credit. Instead of giving me the sale price at which I had purchased them, the sales girl gave me credit for what they were tagged for currently at the store: $7 apiece!

    I explained that I had bought them on sale, but she said “Oh, that’s okay!” and who am I to argue?!

    All this to say, I ended up making money hand over fist on the last CP sale!

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