Teen(y bopper) delight

By Mir
January 14, 2011

Is Hot Topic still cool? I can remember when it was the place to get cool stuff. I assume that’s still true, but I also think you kids should get off my lawn, so what do I know?

Well, I know this: Right now all Hot Topic clearance is an extra 50% off, and shipping is a flat $4.95 for orders up to $50. They have… well, they have all sorts of things, some more scary than others, but they have lots of scarves and gloves and jewelry that are just the sorts of things my daughter and her friends love. I think.

Plus, you know, you don’t have to 1) go to the mall or 2) be crushed to death with a bunch of goth teens while listening to terrible music. So.


  1. I’ll have to check out the site, but I know that when I went in there a couple of months ago, I was appalled at the merchandise and employees. GET OFF MY LAWN! I remembered why I avoid the mall in general. Off to check off the site!

  2. They have some geek stuff, too, (mario, world of warcraft, etc.) so it’s still cool to me!

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