Warehouse, without leaving the house

By Mir
January 18, 2011

It’s time for the Lands’ End Warehouse Event, and you don’t even have to get up off the couch to check it out. (Did anyone else used to hear about the Lands’ End “Inlet” stores and feel very jealous that other people could shop the overstocks and such in person? You know, back in the day when we still mostly shopped in stores, and Lands’ End was just another glossy catalog? This is like having an Inlet on your computer.)

Use coupon code shippingisfree and PIN 5859 for free shipping on any order, so order as much or as little as you like and don’t worry about shipping. I see items starting at $2, so I’m guessing the good stuff is going to sell out pretty fast.


  1. Sweeeeeet! Just stocked up on a few sizes of leggings and shorts for my girls, plus a few other things…. 21 items for only $70! Thank you Mir! I have NO problem spending $3-4 each for well-made kids’ clothes at LE.

  2. Thank you for posting this! My oldest now has all the dresses she needs to start kindergarten in the fall. You rock!

  3. did you see the dog jackets, Mir?

  4. Woo Hoo! There were some great T-shirts for little boys! Love the tie dyes.

  5. Mir, is it totally inappropriate for me to say “I love you”?

  6. Freaking awesome. A dress, some pants, 2 pairs of flats and some awesome water shoes. For $50. You are my hero today.

  7. 41 pieces of clothing (with 6 backpacks in there too!) for $350!!! Ready for school next year!

  8. Thank you Mir! Needed that shipping code. I stocked up on winter stuff for next year. The prices are better than what I paid at the consignment sale last year — I was too chicken to invest until I had a better sense of how the kids were growing.

  9. Thanks! I’m in charge of the “summer fun” raffle basket for my daughter’s preschool class and we needed an Land’s End tote bag- got a huge, insulated one for $11 shipped!

  10. Yay! Because of this post I found out that some things I purchased previously went on sale (within 14 days) and I got a price adjustment. And, I got killer deals on a bunch of other stuff to boot. Thanks!

  11. Um, Mir? I love you. With big pink puffy hearts. I just got $540 in merchandise, including next year’s snow pants, parkas, backpacks and lunch boxes for $95 shipped. And just before I ordered I remembered that Land’s End is a Discover partner and I used my cashback rewards to get a $50 eCertificate. (we have the Discover ONLY to pay daycare – so it makes that monthly payment a tiny bit less painful). So I only spent $45 out of pocket.

    $540 for $45 delivered to my door. I love the internet.

  12. Love love! Lands End is one of my favorite places for kid’s clothing–the quality is so fantastic and this sale makes it all amazingly well worth it! Thanks!! 26 items for $200.

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