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By Mir
January 19, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you Qwirkle? I picked this up on a Lightning Deal before Christmas, swayed by the great reviews, but not really sure what to expect. I think it may be my new favorite game. If you’ve never played it, it’s sort of like Dominoes and Blokus had a baby and then put that baby on steroids. (Wait; I’m not sure that sounds as appealing as I’d like it to….)

The point is:
1) It’s super fun, and can be enjoyed by even little kids and adults alike (my husband and I have been known to play it after the kids are in bed, even)
2) Qwirkle is normally around $20 on sale, but is currently just under $14 at Amazon right now.


  1. Seriously…Qwirkle is our FAVORITE family game night activity! We’ve actually invited friends over to play…LOVE it!

  2. Qwirkle is one of our favorites too. In fact, I bought the game a second time when we were on vacation at Thanksgiving because I left our at home. That is how much we love it.

  3. LOVE Qwirkle – even my teenagers love it! I also bought Qwirkle Cubes and it’s even more challenging and fun for all ages. Seriously – we play from age 8 to age 47 in one game.

  4. Oh, and I have to add, this game qualifies as an Amazon Mom purchase too!

  5. We love Qwirkle! It’s a great game for my 12 year old, struggles with math facts and spelling but yet visually can remember anything, child. Even though she whines about playing me since I can still beat her.

  6. Santa left this at our house this year, and we L-O-V-E it. We got Qwirkle cubes…not sure if different than ‘original’ Qwirkle. I was playing last night with my newly-minted 11-year-old daughter, and I cheered when I won — because I rarely win anything against her. But no one can talk to me when it’s my turn; my 45-year-old brain needs to FOCUS.


  7. We have Qwirkle Cube and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! In fact, my husband just texted me and said to tell the boys that if they get their homework done, we’ll have a qwirkle battle tonight!! It’s ON!!!

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