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By Mir
January 20, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Time to stock up on the magazines you barely have time to read, anyway? (Okay, maybe that’s just me….) If you head on over to Discount Mags, today, you can get either (or both) of my favorite magazines for just $3/year, for up to three years.

To get the special pricing on Family Fun, use coupon code 3592. To get it on Family Circle, use code 8308. Family Fun is a particularly good pick if you’d like to train your minions foster creativity and independence in your kids, as they have lots of crafts that require minimum help/supervision from Mom. I’m sure I don’t have to even insert the obligatory “priceless!” joke here, right?


  1. Perfect timing for me! I just received the last issue of Family Fun for my current subscription. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Be sure to check the “renew my subscription” button before you add it to your cart if you already have a subscription.

  3. Excellent!!! Thank you, Mir! Even though I might not always have time to read every issue, I love to donate them to my kids’ schools. They always need stuff like that for art projects, and $3 over the course of a year is a pretty sweet deal.

  4. Thanks Mir!

  5. I can’t find Family Fun. 🙁

  6. I coudln’t find Family Fun by searching at the top either – but when I clicked on Family & Parenting on the left I found it – yeah!!!

  7. I had to go through the Family & Parenting link too to find Family Fun. I ordered both of them, that’s a great deal!

  8. Well that is just weird. Search engine Fail, for sure.

    I got 3 years for $8.97. So, um, I hope I like it!

  9. DealPulp just released a daily deal for Discount Mags, too ($8 for $20). Don’t know if you can use all of these together, though.

  10. hmmm…I keep getting coupon invalid or expired 🙁

  11. Thanks, Mir. We only had one issue left so my son is happy that we can keep the subscription.

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