Live from the waiting room!

By Mir
January 21, 2011

So my son just got taken back into surgery, which his doctor assures me is “so routine I could do it in my sleep.” (The “I” being him, not me.) Now we wait.

I don’t know about you, but deals always make me feel better….

The Target Daily Deals have a 6-pack of little scented lotions for $6 that would be a great stocking stuffer, if you want to get started on next year. (I know, I know. It’s insanely early. Just sayin’.)

Meanwhile, over at the Amazon Friday Sale, we have… coffee! Try to contain your shock! Lots and lots of coffee. And also some tea. And plenty of Kool-Aid (?). (We don’t drink that, but we do sometimes use it to dye my daughter’s hair. Heh.)

The Gold Box holds a 32-inch Toshiba 1080p HDTV for just $350, which is a pretty sweet deal if you’re in the market for one.

Gap is running a 30% off coupon this weekend—use code GAPSPRING for 30% off almost everything (some restrictions apply). I love how these coupons never work on women’s “premium” pants. What, I wonder, makes them premium? Save 30% at Banana Republic this weekend, too, with coupon code BRWINTER.

And if you’re feeling in the mood for something fancy, it’s Luxe Weekend at—plenty of expensive brands at less-expensive prices.

And in the time it took me to write this, they finished surgery. All is well! Now that’s a good Friday.


  1. Wow, glad you were able to distract yourself blogging and hope his recovery goes well!

  2. hopefully you’re with him right now in recovery!

  3. Glad the surgery is done. Prayers for a speedy recovery for all of you will continue.

  4. Thinking of you and Monkey, and hoping for all the best possible outcomes…

  5. Glad its done and just bought some flowering tea and coffee beans – thanks!

  6. Been thinking about your family this morning and wondering how things went. Glad to hear all is well.

  7. Wow, that was fast! Hope you’re in recovery with him and all is well!

  8. glad to hear things went well. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  9. I hope this clears up his recent problems and that recovery is speedy.

  10. Now it is recovery time! Go Monkey!!!

  11. Hooray! I mean, the finished (and quick!) surgery, not the coffee. Although, you know, I’m not ANTI-coffee or anything…

  12. Praying for you all.

  13. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery….for both of you!

  14. Happy Friday, indeed! Glad everything went well.

  15. Sending hugs to all! Wishes for a speedy recovery. Jessica

  16. hope all is well overthere ! hugs and prayers for your lil man !

  17. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you both!

  18. Glad to hear monkey is ok. Good luck with recovery!

  19. Hope his recovery goes quickly and well!

  20. That first line totally made me think of when I had sinus surgery. When I asked the doctor if he’d ever done the surgery before he said “you and one more will be two”. I love doctor humor!

    Hope your day is going well with your patient! And that your patient is trying your patience :-)!

  21. Thinking of you both and hoping for a speedy recovery!!

  22. Hope this brings relief to your entire family!

  23. That was nice and quick! Hope his recovery is the same!

  24. I had that same surgery almost……20 years (!?) ago. Wow, do I feel old now! Hope he recovers well and that having the Sx helps with whatever’s going on with him! 🙂

  25. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hopefully he’ll have a quick recovery.

  26. glad the surgery went well; i hope he came out of anesthesia smoothly and that he’s settling in well at home. also hope the next few days aren’t difficult and that you see the changes you’re hoping to see in the near future. also, thanks for the gap code; you made my friday!

  27. Sending good healing mojo your son’s way. Best wishes for a speedy and non-traumatic recovery (for both of you!)

  28. The pray chain was out there in force for you and your family. THanks for all you do!!!

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