Prepare for aching ovaries

By Mir
January 24, 2011

Some kids’ toys are so cute, they almost make me wish I still had a screaming infant. Which is crazy.

Well, I’m pretty sure neither of my (big) kids would be interested in this Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, but at just $8.50 I may have to pick up a couple for the gift closet. Yes, that is a baby-safe soft doll nestled in a pea pod. Yes, that is nearly unbearably adorable.

Okay, quick—someone go have a baby!


  1. My 7 month old has the Hunny Bunny one (not shown on that linked page) and these are great quality and unbelievably cute in person. She loves the little ribbons on the head that make “hair.” A friend’s daughter has the pea one and it’s even cuter – she loves the silky little bit at the end of the pod. Definitely gift worthy!

  2. Looks so cute. The pictures show a baby sleeping with the doll. But a warning comes up saying not for children under three years old due to small parts. I don’t see any small parts? Is is too early to buy a doll for a not yet born baby girl. Ha ha

  3. KarenP, I would think that warning is just from Amazon for some reason. If you look on the Manhatan toy site, they list it specifically for babies. Its not a toddler toy.

    I have seen this toy in real life and its adorable.

  4. adorable!!! I always love to buy a “first” baby to go with all my baby shower gifts and this would be perfect!!!

    KarenP – I think it would be perfect, I love putting little dolls in the carseat with my girls and then when they were a bit bigger giving them to them in their cribs – I think it would be a perfect gift for a not-yet-here baby girl!!

  5. Just got one for my 2-week-old baby girl … who we call Sweet Pea. 🙂 How perfect is that?! thanks!!!!

  6. I’m having a baby! You’re welcome to send one to me! 😀

  7. During our next pregnancy (hopefully some time in the next year) we plan to call our fetus “Pea” until we find out what it is and then it will be “Peanut” (boy) or “Sweet Pea” (girl). I have wanted these dolls since my son was born, but I can’t bring myself to buy them yet. I wish I had known about them before my son was born. He was “Bug” until we found out he was a boy, then he was “Tumblebug”, but if I had seen these dolls he would have been “Snuggle Bug”. A girl would have been “Ladybug”.

  8. My husband just found out that a work friend of his and his wife are having twins! Skipping off to Amazon to order these straight away!!!!

  9. Baby girl on the way. I couldn’t resist. Thanks!

  10. My 2 year old has this and it has always been her favorite. Her older brother, for some odd reason, started calling it ‘the ghost baby’ this weekend, and now when I see it, that is all I can think of. It’s cute, but definitely has a ‘ghost’ body 🙂

  11. i bought one of these for baby Adelaide before she was born;)

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