Weird, yet alluring

By Mir
January 24, 2011

So I’m doing my typical morning rounds, you know, and I pop on over to to see what lovely shoes I you might need, and there in the middle of the page is a square proclaiming up to 55% off Bogs. Bogs? I have no idea what those are, but there’s some sort of fun-looking boots there, so I clicked. And then I spent the next ten minutes going, “What the heck are these? They’re so… weird. But ooooh, cute! But no, they’re, like, mutant rainboots. Or something. Purple!” Etc. It was kind of a mess.

I still don’t quite understand what Bogs are. (Rainboots, but also snowboots! But some of them aren’t boots at all!) But they have other great brands on sale, too, if the Bogs make your head hurt like they did for me.


  1. Bogs are awesome! Best boots ever.

  2. You can wear them to slog around in bogs? I dunno, but there’s some cute stuff up there!

  3. Bogs are all the rage! So warm! So dry! So kooky!

  4. I think the only proper thing to do here, Mir, is to buy a pair and experiment. Then report back. In the interest of shoe lovers…I mean, science.

  5. Bogs are a big name up here in mud country. Basically I see them as well insulated rain boots. Many people do wear them as winter boots. I prefer Kamiks for winter and regular rain boots with fleece liners for the rest of the year.

  6. Really? Bogs for girls? My husband swears by them. He raises cows. I will have to go look.

  7. They are awesome. My daughter has had some for 3 years now. They keep their feet warm in the very cold weather (-12 here today) but are easier to put on than the lace up snowboots.

  8. hmmmm…i’m thinking not. and this is from a girl with a wide selection of crocs.

  9. my aunt swears by these.

  10. So I went ahead and ordered some more. What a great deal!! Thanks Mir. I forgot to say in my last post that my daughter wore her first pair for 2 seasons and they were still in such great shape that a friend of mine took them (they were her size). She absolutely loves them as well.

  11. Bogs are wonderful for cold and snow and mucky weather. Thanks for the heads-up!

  12. Bogs are the IN thing here. Four kids in my girls class have them as snow boots and I’ve seen several of the hip moms wearing them too.

  13. I have been looking at Bogs for a few weeks…I finally took the plunge after reading Want Not today and ordered TWO pair. Thanks!

  14. never heard of bogs, but the low ones look perfect for me. i can’t wear regular rainboots due to my, um, less than svelte calves.

  15. Funny thing happened..saw Bogs at a brick/mortar big box store. Had never seen them before. TOO CUTE They’re cute, comfy, etc. Now, on sale at 6pm…oh should I or shouldn’t I ?? Think they’ll work when we have a hurricane? For this price i might have to take the plunge.

    Hi licorice !!!

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