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By Mir
January 27, 2011

Despite the eleventy million toy deals Amazon threw our way in December, they’re having a Winter Clearance Event in toys and games right now, just in case you, like me, have a few days of your free Prime trial left and want to pick up a few things.

There are many nice and lovely toys available, things that would be great for your gift closet or your own kids or whatever.

Also, right now Candyland is just $4 shipped (assuming you have Prime, or order enough for free Super Saver Shipping). Now, I personally hate Candyland with the heat of a thousand firey suns, because good Lord that game can go on forever, plus my kids always, always cried whenever they got sent back, but hey, maybe you love it. Or maybe you need a birthday present for a kid whose parents you don’t much like.

I’m just tossing out ideas, you understand.


  1. Haha, the crying in Candyland is my reality right now. Kids 1 and 2 are 5.5 and almost 4 respectively, and someone ALWAYS cries.

  2. My kids love, love Candyland. And want to play until everybody wins. My 5-year-old will play it BY HIMSELF.

    But it’s the craziest thing …… Somehow if we have to go through the stack more than once, the “candy” cards just … magically … don’t materialize. I can’t imagine how that happens, but I recommend it for keeping game length in check.

  3. Waiting just waiting until my niece is old enough to torture her parents with this mind-numbing Satan-inspired “game”. 🙂 I owe my sister for all the loud beeping noisy toys she got for my kids.

  4. I want to know what everyone is buying to extend their free prime membership? I don’t wanna pay for it and i don’t want it to end!!!!! I was happy to see that Go Go squeeze applesauce was eligible to extend a month, my kids do like that! I may just keep buying that for a year, or keep my kids in pull ups til they are 5?

  5. I refused to play Candyland with my kids. Yes, I’m that mom.

  6. We play the little people rules version at our house to avoid the tears – you can’t go backwards which shortens the game and keeps the tears away. Of course at some point we’ll have to play with the “real” rules and then there will be tears……….

  7. Does no one else stack the deck? My daughter never seems to realize that each game is EXACTLY the same. Each person goes back once, but just a short way and whoever goes first magically always wins!

    Now, off to look for some presents for my son’s 1st birthday…

  8. Ditto Rachel…no one goes backwards in Candyland at our house. Except maybe Mommy. 🙂

  9. Hate that game. Threw it away after kid #1 and the others will never know of it’s existance. Ug. Also hate Monopoly. And Chutes and Ladders (also no longer in my house).

  10. I have to tell you I just love your site. Your sense of humor sooooo mirrors mine. I told my sister in law about you and she loves you too. We both check your site everyday and just giggle and laugh and then have to call each other to discuss. Thanks for everything that you do and helping the couponing community save and save.

  11. I’ve already maxed out my lifetime supply of Candyland Patience and my kids aren’t even old enough to play it yet. Grr for job at after-school program full of kindergarteners.

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