Now hear this, Plugz style

By Mir
January 31, 2011
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This week’s contest is for everyone with an iPhone or a Blackberry who’s realized that the factory earbuds are kind of lousy. (My gripe with Apple headphones: They fall out of my ears. Are my ears oddly-shaped? What’s wrong with my ears??)

An upgrade would be nice, right? How about a pair of iFrogz Ear Pollution Plugz for iPhone/Blackberry, a stylish pair of noise isolating earbuds with a high-def microphone built right in. They come with three different size ear pieces, so you can customize the fit that works best for you. This pair I have to give away happens to be lime green, which will look great with your eyes. (Okay, maybe your eyes aren’t green. But they are pretty.)

Want to win ’em? Of course you do! To enter, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 for a chance to win. Winner will be determined by random number generation and volume. But mostly that random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. first comment, woo hoo! pick me, pick me, please!

  2. Between my husband and my kids, I no longer have my earbuds. Would love a pair!

    Thanks, Mir!

    You’re so pretty!

  3. I would love these!

  4. We got thru headphone around here like crazy, so another pair is always needed. Plus a mike! I might use those on the stair machine at the gym so when I’m using my iPhone as an iPod and someone calls me, I can huff and puff at them without missing a step.

  5. Oh, yes, these would be perfect!

  6. yes please! thanks =)

  7. These would be great!!! 🙂

  8. Another pair of earbuds would definitely come in handy – thanks!

  9. These are just what I need! Thanks!

  10. it’s not your ears… they fall out of mine too. I’d love these! thanks.

  11. I would love these! My ones from Apple hurt my ears!

  12. Would love a pair of new earbuds!!

  13. Thank you!

  14. I lost mine and this would be a great replacement

  15. Sounds (eh, eh?) perfect! Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  16. Oh yes please!!!

  17. I think I’m going nuts because I read on your blogs too much that I have said to myself! Would rather stay at home and watch tv because of how it turns your brain off, the earbuds. I’ve almost never been able to wear earbuds because of my weirdly shaped ears!

  18. these would be a great new upgrade from the factory standard…

  19. You mean there’s a choice besides the earbuds that came with my MP3 player?! Wow, I’ve never had cool earbuds before… Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  20. Ugh, yes, the included ear buds leave something to be desired!

  21. OMG, lime green is totally my favorite color! I would love these! (And hug them and squeeze them and call them George.)

  22. Ooooh, those would be so cool. And I need a new pair…

  23. Sounds lovely!

  24. I would love to win these. The apple earbuds kill my ears.

  25. need ’em – cat chewed up the last pair!

  26. I could stand a new pair of earbuds. My kids got a hold of mine. I do not want them back.

  27. I’d love to win these and give them to my son – he goes through ear buds like candy! And he really likes this style. I, OTOH, don’t like this style (any size and it still hurts my ears) and much prefer the standard Apple earbuds.

  28. Sweet! And lime green is awesome.

  29. Oh, “sounds” good! (rim shot: ba-da bum!) yes, I’m lame, I know. 🙂

  30. Yes, please!

  31. Green is my favorite color too!

  32. Ooooohhh….nice!

  33. Sweet!

  34. My daughter would love these!

  35. Please pick me!

  36. SO perfect for my daughter!! She is currently obsessed with all things lime green. Ah… teenagers. :o)

  37. Would LOVE to win these!! Any my eyes are green, does that increase my chances to win? No?

  38. Me please! I don’t have earphone for my iPhone…my son seems to have extras…

  39. I have green eyes!

  40. Another great one– yay for your contests, thanks Mir!

  41. Fingers crossed for this one!

  42. These “sound” great. Get it?

  43. by 8:00 AM thursday morning, I hope to be the proud owner of the 1st of the verizon iphones. So – I’m throwing my hat in the ring for free earbuds. ’cause I won’t be able to afford anything else for a while…..

  44. I would love to have a pair of ear buds that fit. I thought I had odd ears, but maybe I am not so odd after all. Here’s hoping.

  45. Oh, I’d love these! I hate the ear buds that came with my iphone.

  46. My eyes are green and I’d love to have a pair of earbuds that might fit me better! I have tiny ears and had not had good luck finding a good fit.

  47. I’d love a pair of green ear buds…maybe I wouldn’t lose them amid all the other cords/cables that way!

  48. You are so twinkly and sparkly today. And your hair, though undoubtably pulled back, is looking extra shiny! Oh, and yes, earbuds, please!

  49. My ears are also apparently malformed. I’d love this!

  50. Earbuds fall out of my ears too. Nothing wrong with your ears. 🙂

  51. I never really thought about the fact that earbuds could come in different sizes- just figured it was one-size-fits-all and only the decorations varied. I’d love a chance to see if new ones fit better!

  52. Very awesome contest!

  53. There must be an earbud monster around here (similar to the sock monster). Could definitely use a replacement!

  54. My daughter would love these!

  55. i love lime green.

  56. What?? I can’t hear you!! But would love to win…Thanks.

  57. awesome, love ifrogz gear

  58. These would be perfect for my nephew who is borrowing his sisters bright pink headphones at the moment! Hope I win!

  59. I haven’t had earbuds since mine broke several years ago. My husband hates it when I borrow his.

  60. I’d love to have nice earbuds. Thanks, Mir!

  61. I could totally use these at work to block out my cube mates…is that wrong?

  62. Awesome! My apple ones fall out of my ears too!

  63. Oh cool!

  64. I’m in! Not for me; these things are never hearing aid compatible. IF I win, these are for my son, the one who goes through a bazillion pair of headphones each year.

  65. I’d love them for my iPhone! What a sweet giveaway…from a very pretty lady….

  66. Oh, heck yes! You’re so pretty!

  67. We always manage to lose those little ear piece sizer things.

  68. Perfect for hubby who goes through ear buds like crazy.

  69. I want them!

  70. Regular earbuds hurt my ears, and the headset doesn’t travel well. A new pr of teeny weeny ear buds would be great!

  71. Definitely need a pair of these!!! Thanks!

  72. I’m still trying to find the perfect earphones! Would love it if these did the trick!

  73. Ooooo….pretty

  74. I thought I was the only one that was earbud challenged. Thanks! By the way I di have green eyes.

  75. That sounds pretty Pretty!

  76. Hubby needs those!

  77. all ear buds fall out of my ears, maybe these won’t?

  78. Pick me please!

  79. Lime green would be great with my hot pink iPhone case!

  80. I just acquired a new iPhone (sans accessories), would love to win a new pair of headphones!

  81. I’d love some 🙂

  82. I NEVER win..and I have been at the ER with 2nd and 3rd degree burns…I NEED this WIN!

  83. yippee!

  84. my boyfriend would love those!

  85. My earbuds don’t fit my ears either! What’s wrong with them!?

  86. My earbuds don’t stay in either, glad to know I’m not the only one. I’d love to win these…

  87. Me, me, me!!!

  88. Oh RNG please pick me!

  89. Pick me please!

  90. Yes please! And I do have green eyes! 🙂

  91. green eyes here too, though likely NOT the color earbuds come in . . .! thanks

  92. Awesome! Thanks, Mir!

  93. Definately need a new pair of these!

  94. Thanks for offering!

  95. I don’t have any, so this would be very coooool to win!!!

  96. Awesome! I would love these! And apple ear buds don’t fit on anyone!!

  97. These would be great!

  98. Oh yeah! These sound great. I always use wired headphones for music. And these sound really nice.
    Thanks, Mir!

  99. My kids have sticky fingers and I would love to be able to listen to my ipod again!

  100. My husband has the same problem as you – the ear buds always fall out of his ears and he hates them but we can’t seem to find a truly decent replacement!

  101. Awesome!

  102. I’m 84% of the way to a 100-pound weight loss, and since my iPod is my constant workout companion and, therefore, somewhat responsible for said weight loss, it deserves some new earbuds.

  103. my eyes ARE green!

  104. Green is great!

  105. definitely need me some new plugz! thanks.

  106. I have weird ear holes too 😉

  107. Yes please!!

  108. yes please!!!

  109. Sounds great!

  110. Tune it up. Please oh please. Thanks.

  111. I don’t know who would get these but my husband and I would fight over them!

  112. Have never had good luck with ear buds! Would love to give these a shot!

  113. I would love these as I JUST got an iphone that I am borrowing from some wonderful friends until my contract with T-Mobile expires this summer and I can purchase a new one. You won’t believe this, but the phone is a very first generation iphone still working perfectly except for some pixel problems due to beer spilling all over it. I didn’t do it, my friends did.

  114. I thought it was my ears that they didn’t fit right!!! I would love to win these especially in green! Thanks for the chance.

  115. I’ve got weird ears too…I’ve tried too many pairs to count. The best were the $100 Bose, until they broke !! You’re pretty Mir !!!

  116. apple earbuds are terrible! pick me! pick me!

  117. MIR! MY eyes ARE green – which means I’m FATED to win these earbuds.

    Also since I’ve purchased 745976 pairs of earbuds and right now, can find none.

  118. Those would be totally wicked!

  119. love the color green

  120. love it need it

  121. Pick me, oh random number generator!!

  122. I lost my earbuds. Fail.

  123. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  124. These would be great to have!

  125. whats not to love about these

  126. These sound perfect! Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  127. Those would be awesome!

  128. I would cherish (and hide) these!

  129. ME!

  130. My eyes are green!

  131. Ahh, noise canceling. Nice.

  132. My eyes ARE green! 😉

  133. Would love these…and no Mir your ears are not oddly shaped…they fall out of my ears as well. 🙂

  134. How timely! The dog ate my last pair of earbuds last week! I hope I win these.

  135. Yay!

  136. A quest……for the perfect earbuds. Years and so far no success. Maybe just maybe this would be them.

  137. Perfect for my husband!!!!

  138. These would be great

  139. Hmm…. my ears are oddly-shaped too, I guess – or maybe just slippery when exercising? I can’t keep ’em in either. Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. These would be so cool to have.

  141. would love to win

  142. I would love these!

  143. FIngers crossed to get lucky! (hee hee hee)

  144. I would love new earbuds!!!

  145. I could use new earphones.

  146. Awesome–thank you!

  147. I also have weird ears and am always losing my ear buds. I would like a new pair.

  148. I figured it must just be my ears too.

  149. I would love these headphones!

  150. Mine fall out of my ears, too. Apparently, Steve Jobs is the one with abnormal ears.

  151. I need these!

  152. Ooh, I’d love some. I just can’t figure out why Apple or BB won’t provide a more useful/comfortable pair with their product. Boneheads.

  153. Please be nice to me, random number generator.

  154. Shiny! A new pair would be great.

  155. Love it! Thanks!

  156. I want!

  157. I too have unusual ear canals…can’t find a comfortable set of ear buds…maybe these would work!

  158. Granddaughter would love these…and think her Nana was WAY COOL!!!!

  159. i have never found earbuds to fit – these would be great!

  160. Oh, please, please! Most earbuds HURT my ears.

  161. Me? Please?

  162. I’m in!

  163. Would love to win these buds… I have a pair of silver ones but the green would go perfect with my green eyes! Thanks!

  164. My husband was just complaining about his ear buds! He’ll just have to learn to live with the lime green if I win!

  165. Very Nice!

  166. My 16yos should belong to an earbud/headphones-of-the-month-club! Needless to say, mine are usually missing… does lime green go with hazel eyes?

  167. Fancy!

  168. Me please! I love green!!!

  169. Anyone who knows me knows that a pair of lime green earbuds is meant for me!

  170. U love iFrogs – began going there when you posted a link to them about 2 years ago. And since one of my dog also loves them (as in, finds them tasty), an new, free pair would be fabulous.

  171. I don’t like sharing ear buds…seems well umm…unsanitary, especially with my teenage boys. I would love a lime green pair!

  172. Pick me! I gave my earphones to my daughter so I wouldn’t have to listen to Angelina Ballerina movies. That snarky little mouse drives me crazy.

  173. These would be much appreciated in my house!

  174. I think there is a gremlin that steals all my earbuds. I would love to win a pair, and maybe they will be gremlin-proof! thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  175. Oh yeah, I’m so in!

  176. I must have oddly-shaped ears, too & would love to win these earbuds! Don’t have green eyes, but it’s my fave color! Thanks for all you do to save us big $$$!

  177. I would love these!!!

  178. Definitely need these.

  179. Hi. I have weird ears as well. I think we should start our own club/facebook group/12-step program.

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