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By Mir
February 5, 2011
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People, Nestle keeps sending me stuff for you. I’m not sure why. But hey, cookies! I approve of cookies. So here’s what you can win today: A Nestle Toll House Valentine’s Day Cookie kit! It consists of a limited edition cookie tin, coupons for two packages of Valentine’s cookie dough, and an activity book and stickers. (We got a kit, too. My children always find it delightful to receive cookies now that I can’t eat wheat. “More for us!” the little ingrates cackle.)

This way you can, according to Nestle, “Bake some love!” Maybe for Want Not we’ll change that to “Bake some free love!” (But for those of us who remember the 60s and 70s, that could potentially take on a different meaning. Hmm. Moving on!)

Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, February 7th, 2011 for a chance to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation and frosting technique.

Ready? Go!


  1. Pick me! I would LOVE some Nestle Toolhouse cookies RIGHT NOW!

  2. AWESOME contest. You’re so pretty Mir and I love me some cookies!!

  3. I wouldn’t mind some free cookies. My kids would probably eat them all, but just the same.

  4. Oh man, cookies sound so good right now!

  5. Mmmmm… sounds delish!

  6. Yummy! Free Cookies!!!

  7. Yay for cookies!!!

  8. I love cookies!

  9. Love me some “Nestle Tou-louse” cookies!

  10. I wanna bake some love!

  11. I would love to win this and make cookies with the kids. Thanks, Mir!

  12. Me . Want . Cookie . Too much Sesame Street???

  13. mmmm- just had a request for original Nestle Toll House cookies for the birthday celebration at school. They’re still the best. (Even tho I prefer them uncooked!)

  14. free stuff is free stuff – sign me up.

  15. Cookies!!!

  16. mmmmmm, cookies. I like cookies!

  17. free cookies? i’m so in.

  18. I love to bake, especially cookies! Would love to win this one, thanks pretty MIr!

  19. Sounds yummy! Pick me!

  20. Oh, yes, cookies please!!!

  21. YUM YUM! 🙂

  22. I *might* share them with my 3rd graders. If they’re nice to me. 😉

  23. Valentine’s Day is a very sad one for me this year. Having something special to do with the kids would definitely help.

  24. We like cookies.

  25. I’d love to send some free cookies to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day!

  26. Yummo. I love Nestle.

  27. My kids would love this 🙂

  28. Thank you!

  29. Yes please!! Yummy!

  30. Yum!

  31. Yum, thank you for sharing.

  32. We were just debating what to do for our almost 3-year-old for Valentine’s Day, because she does NOT need more candy!

  33. mmmmm, cookies!

  34. My kids really need some free love. They’ve been getting on my nerves a lot lately…

  35. mmmmm cookies!

  36. Cookies – yum!

  37. My kids would love this!

  38. Pretty please!

  39. I am eating cookies right now. I would definitely like more.

    Thanks Mir!

  40. Yummy in my tummy!

  41. Love cookies!

  42. Mmmmm cookies.

  43. Yummy cookies!

  44. cookies sound great!

  45. Cookies are my downfall. Could always use some more!

  46. My family loves to bake cookies together!

  47. Yum!

  48. count me in 🙂

  49. Yummmmeee! Cookie love. Kids would love it, husband too. Me? Not so much into cookies but thinking of baking a pie right now…

  50. I have 3 cookie monsters living under this roof. yummm

  51. My favorite frosting technique is to open the tub and dip my cookies in. Creative? No. Tasty? Yes 🙂

  52. Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies, we go KOOKY eating cookies, maybe we should stop…let’s have MOOORE!
    (OK, if you’ve never seen “Frog & Toad: The Musical” then that makes no sense at all. Sorry.)

  53. I love love love baking, yay.

  54. Thanks, Mir!

  55. Terrific. We have done a lot of cookie baking since we’ve been snowbound.

  56. cookies!!!

  57. Yummmy….cookies!

  58. Definitely something my kids and I would enjoy!

  59. I love to bake!

  60. Cookies!!

  61. Cookies would be awesome – thanks!

  62. Cookies are the best food in the world!

  63. I love to bake. And treats never last long in my house.

  64. I loooove cookies!! Nothing wrong with comfort food? lol

  65. Looks yummy!

  66. Sounds yum and fun!

  67. My daughter just asked me if I could bake cookies for her class. these would be great!

  68. Thanks! We love baking, especially cookies!

  69. I love cookies.

  70. I didn’t even read the post but I’m sure it involves chocolate chips and, hopefully, cookies so I’m in.

  71. yummmmmmmmmmmm

  72. Om nom nom. Cookies!

  73. my preschoolers would LOVE THIS!

  74. Sweet! thanks for the offer!

  75. I never turn away free cookies!

  76. Yes, please!

  77. Tollhouse cookies are my specialty AND I love me some Valentine’s Day (sorry VD haters). Clearly, I was meant to win this prize (of no one else does).

  78. Mmmm… that sounds delicious. I have four-and-a-half children who excitedly agree with me. (The one I’m carrying may have been the most delighted. Or maybe I’m just projecting.) 😀

  79. mmmmm chocolate chip cookies . . .

  80. My three kids would love this!

  81. Yum.

  82. C is for cookie, and that IS good enough for me. I’m in.

  83. I lurve cookies. And The Boy has been difficult enough today that there will be none for him, Bwa-ha-ha!

    I kid. I will let him smell them.

  84. everything baked with love tastes better!

  85. Love those cookies! YUMM

  86. Um, I’m not very good at frosting, but my little brother who’s in the Air Force and stationed 3000 miles away from home would really like some homemade cookies anyway. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  87. Throw in someone to come clean up the mess that is made and it’s a deal!

  88. My flu’d daughter would love to do some Valentine’s baking. I would love it to come out of a package. 🙂

  89. My son loves those Nestle cookies – thanks!

  90. Hi, just eating some chocolate cookies right now. Would love the kit for my two awesome grandchildren:)

  91. Far be it from me to say no to cookies, free or otherwise.

  92. Can I assume those are low carb cookies. Darn that New Year’s Resolution.

  93. mmm cookies

  94. Yum!!!

  95. I am definitely a fan of cookies!

  96. Would love to use this kit with my kids. We love to bake and craft together!

  97. Would love to share with my daughters.

  98. Cookies!!!!

  99. cookies! cookies! cookies!

  100. Wow, this would be so cool for the family!
    Tammy from NC

  101. YUM!!!!

  102. Mmm…cookies! Yes please!

  103. just found out im expecting number two with an 11 month old, i could use some cookies!

  104. would love to win

  105. My kids LOVE cookies. Who doesn’t?

  106. cookies!

  107. I’m baking some cheesecake love right now but would love to bake up some cookie love. Bring on the win! =D

  108. Me love cookies!

  109. I hope I win!

  110. You want to be my kids’ hero, sure you do!

  111. Yummm!

  112. Yum! My frosting technique – keep putting on more until all the weird spots are covered!

  113. Baking and love are 2 of my favorite things!

  114. C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me….

  115. Love us some cookies!

  116. Mmmmmmmm…

  117. wahoo! love chocolate chip cookies, love valentines, love free stuff, heck- now I love you!

  118. yummm

  119. Me like cookies!

  120. my “kids” would love this. i’ll be sure to tell them all about these cookies. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  121. Yea for cookies! My kids would be very happy. 🙂

  122. We’ve been snowed in for four days. We are gonna need some of that love!

  123. My daughter loves chocolate chip cookies. When I tell her that we have no more she says, “buy cookies”. She also says that about anything else she wants but it is cutest when she says cookies.

  124. Yummy!! Cookies!!!

  125. mmmm, baked love is always the best. Oh dear, another 60s reference …

  126. Hooray for cookies!

  127. Who can say no to free cookies! YUM!

  128. We love cookies! Thanks.

  129. This sounds terrific! Thanks Mir!!

  130. Who doesn’t love cookies?

  131. Me lost me cookie at the disco… this would be a great way to replace it!

  132. Just say yes to cookies!

  133. Cookies?? Yes please!

  134. I need these. My boys are all recovering from various illnesses and I am getting short on love. Maybe just patience. Either way, cookies would help.

  135. Me please!

  136. I can see the crumbs all over the hands, faces, and dining room now, but most importantly the few mins of peace and quiet I’ll get when they are eating! heaven.

  137. Yummmmm..these would be great!

  138. Thank you! I love to bake, even when I have help from refridge. dough!

  139. I love valentines day and baking!

  140. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  141. Yummy! Thanks, Mir! Hope your son is doing well after his tonsilectomy.

  142. Cookies!!

  143. Free cookies taste better!

  144. Yummmmmm. Thanks, Mir!

  145. Yes please!

  146. My husband is the original cookie monster!

  147. Cookies, cookies, cookies…just the word gets me excited! How sad is that? 😀

  148. I’m on a diet but makngt this for my little Rr Ry would be awesome!

  149. Who wouldn’t love cookies!

  150. Awww, Babygirl and I would have so much fun doing that!! YEs please!

  151. Why not?

  152. We LOVE cookies!!!

  153. I just asked my 4 year son the other night what his favorite food was….cookies!

  154. Crossing my fingers that I am the lucky winner. My kids and I love to bake on cold winter days. We are having a lot of those days here in the midwest!

  155. Yummy free cookies – yes, please!

  156. Woohoo! My kids would love this!

  157. Yummmers! Please! Love me some chocolate.

  158. I channel my inner seven-year-old very successfully, and she wants to make Mark’s Special Chocolate Chip Love cookies (part of the butter replaced with delicious bacon fat). 🙂 I bet I just grossed out some grownups, but I swear, they’re supposed to be savory-sweet piggy goodness!

  159. I’m all up for some sugar love! 🙂

  160. Mmmm cookies! We love to bake cookies when we are out ice fishing!

  161. YAY COOKIES!!

  162. Who doesn’t love cookies?

  163. Can’t go wrong with cookies….

  164. That sounds so lovely!

  165. Chocolate chip cookies are always a huge hit at my house!!

  166. I want a cookie kit!

  167. Love me some “free love”. 🙂

  168. Cookies…the perfect valentine. Thanks.

  169. C is for cookies!

  170. Yummy! I love baking (love)!

  171. Oh Yum!!!!

  172. Yummy!

  173. yum! hope I win! =) thanks

  174. Love cookies! Thanks Mir.

  175. I would love to win this! Cookies!!

  176. Me, please!

  177. Sounds great to me!

  178. Yum! :o)

  179. I want to “bake me some love” with my grandkids! Thanks!

  180. Yummmmm cookies are always appreciated at my house – yum yum yum

  181. Yum! Sounds Delish!

  182. Yesterday I tried to bake a batch of “from scratch” cookies. Total flop.
    I think next time I’d like to go with the “bake and go” cookies.

  183. Me, me, Choose me! please?

  184. Cookies! Indeed, nothing more need be said.

  185. If I could only have one dessert the rest of my life- chocolate chip cookies!

  186. I *heart* cookies.

  187. Did you know February 7th is Garth Brooks’ birthday? No? Well, it is.

  188. sounds like fun – I know my girls would love to bake some cookies! 🙂

  189. Pick me! we heart nestle!

  190. mmm coooookies 🙂

  191. Bring it on! Happy v-day! Jessica

  192. Yes, please! 🙂

  193. Pick me please!

  194. Sounds delicious and fun.

  195. sweet!

  196. “C is cookie…That’s good enough for me!” Sings my inner cookie monster!

  197. Me please! We love cookies!

  198. Sounds perfect!

  199. yummy!!!

  200. What, you mean I cant just hand the frosting to my 3 year old? There’s supposed to be a technique? Crap.

  201. I am on a diet and I want some cookies!

  202. I love Nestle cookies!

  203. Wow! Thanks for the chance to win!

  204. Um! I love cookies!!!

  205. Love the Nestle cookies! And I’ll take some free love also!

  206. COOKIES ARE GOOD!!!!!!!

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