Ready? Wrench? ReadyWrench!

By Mir
February 9, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what a ReadyWrench is, so I asked my husband, because he is smart in the ways of tools. His answer was: “It’s a funny version of a socket wrench, probably a good choice for someone with an occasional need. $20 is a nice price for it.”

He told me this in response to my pointing out that there’s one on Lightning Deal at Amazon right now for $20. So there you go.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a Valentine’s Day gift, necessarily (“Baby! You wrench me! Wait, no!”), but it’s a nice little deal if you’re in the market.

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  1. I know that you are way beyond baby food but the Gold Box deals on Happy Baby stage 3 food is fantastic! My son’s daycare requires store-bought food or they feed him their gross cafeteria food (some stupid state regulation says they have to be able to read the nutritional info, but they serve the preschoolers “processed meat-food” hamburgers – ugh!).

    ANYWAY, I while he eats homemade at home he adores the Happy Baby Organics and this comes out to $1.14 a pouch – about $.21 per pouch cheaper than at Babies R Us or Whole Foods. I just bought a months supply!

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