Sporty stuff for less

By Mir
February 9, 2011

While it’s true that you can always find great deals in the REI Outlet, they’re running a Groundhog’s Day thing right now with just crazy low prices. Kids’ clothes, in particular, seem to be on deepest discount—there’s a link to “50% off” in the kids’ section that actually has stuff up to 70% off in it.

There’s great deals on everything from winter gear to rashguards, so they’ve pretty much got every season covered, too.

Of course, I always feel a little like an imposter, shopping at a sporting goods place, when we will typically wear those clothes to… lay around the house like the slugs we are, but it’s not like they check to make sure you’re sufficiently sporty before letting you buy. Thankfully!

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  1. Thanks! Just got silk underwear for the kids for our Alaska cruise this summer.

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