I have a soft spot for Playmobil

By Mir
February 10, 2011

I have a special love in my heart for Playmobil sets, because to me they’re a cross between LEGO and a dollhouse. No, I can’t explain that statement if it doesn’t make sense to you. I guess what I mean is that they’re a building toy but also a pretend-play toy and seem to appeal equally to girls and boys, plus it’s quality stuff that tends not to fall apart.

Anyway, as all Playmobil devotees know, this stuff is pricey. So check this out: Right now Toys ‘R’ Us is offering 25% off all their Playmobil, and if you spend $100+, you get free shipping.

Their assortment of sets is extensive, and includes a couple of the Advent Calendars which are generally hard to find at holidaytime (and never, ever on sale then). You do a little for-next-Christmas shopping and a bit of for-the-gift-closet shopping, and bam, you’re up to $100 and getting that free shipping in no time.

I can not, however, guarantee that your kids will be willing to share. Sorry.

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  1. I love playmobile stuff too. Do you know if they’re on sale at the store or only online? Most of the castles and ships are OOS online.

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