Wipe it all up

By Mir
February 10, 2011

Being a mom has its dubious privileges. And being an Amazon Mom means you get extra discounts on thing like diapers and wipes, which is awesome, though I might love them just a little bit more if they extended those discounts to, say, chocolate and shoes. Just sayin’.

Anyway! If you need wipes, now’s the time to get them, because Amazon Mom subscribers can save a total of 40% on a variety of options. You’ll get an extra 15% off just for being part of Amazon Mom; you save another 15% when you buy via Subscribe & Save; and then you can top it off with coupon code MOMWIPES for another 10% off!

Suddenly, wiping someone else’s butt doesn’t seem quite so bad. (Says the woman who’s done with diapers….)


  1. Of COURSE I just bought wipes Wednesday which arrived yesterday (but I’d rather the overnight shipping over the $2 I would have saved. I <3 amazon mom!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have never done this from amazon before. I was really nervous but I run a daycare and know how much wipes cost so I jumped on it.

  3. I don’t think I’ve purchased diapers or wipes any other way since Amazon Mom started, it’s great to know I’m getting a good price, and I don’t have to follow sales and bother with coupons anymore.
    LUVS makes wipes? Does anyone know if they are more like Huggies wipes or Pampers wipes? (I prefer Huggies brand over the others.) Thanks!

  4. Baby’s not due for a few months, but it’s hard to beat $11 for 720 wipes. Thanks for the great deal!

  5. I agree with Selena anyone know about the Luvs wipes??? I’m a devoted Huggie’s girl and was very sad that this was an almost strictly Pampers sale………………….shucks, at least Amazon still has great prices on the Huggie’s

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