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By Mir
February 13, 2011
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If you, like me, have a very spoiled dog-child, this one is for you:

Today PetCareRx is shipping orders of $35+ for free, plus you can use coupon code VIS123 to take $10 off your $35+ order.

I normally feed my dog Orijen (a grainless, 6-star dog food), but eventually I am going to run out of organs to sell to continue feeding it to her (heh). Today at PetCareRX they have Taste of the Wild Wetlands Formula (also a 6-star rated food) for just $37.99 for for the 30-pound bag. With the coupon and the free shipping, it’s 30 pounds of premium dog food for $28 shipped. (For comparison: The same food is $57 at Amazon.) It looks like all of the Taste of the Wild varieties are marked down, if that one doesn’t appeal to you. Er, to your dog.

Of course, you can use the coupon and the free shipping on other stuff, but I thought that was a pretty smokin’ deal. I mean, not that I wouldn’t pay full price for my precious furball (I do, regularly), but if I can save a little this way, why not?

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  1. Hi Mir!
    Do you know when the coupon expires? Our pup Lucy is on Wellness, since that’s one of the better all natural premium brands that we can get at the local big box pet store. The site you linked to has it a great price, but we just got a 30lb bag that should last us a couple of weeks.

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