Are you ready to panic about babies?

By Mir
February 21, 2011
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Disclaimer: Today’s contest is for people with a sense of humor that runs towards the slightly… improper. You have been warned.

You read What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Maybe you even read The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy. But what new parents really need is the shocking new book from Alice Bradley (of Finslippy) and Eden Kennedy (of Fussy): Let’s Panic About Babies! If you’re unfamiliar with these fabulous ladies, check out the Let’s Panic About Babies! site to get a little taste of their humor.

Irreverence is the name of the game here, so the winner of today’s contest is going to receive a Let’s Panic! gift basket containing the following items (please note that I didn’t put this together, but I do think it’s hilarious): An electric “back” massager, a stress ball, an anti-stress bath soak, a meditation CD, Anne Taintor shot glasses, a Subversive Cross Stitch set that reads “STOP FREAKING OUT”… and, of course, the book!

This would make a lovely gift for your favorite new mom. Or for yourself. But only if you’ll find it funny and not offensive. If you find it offensive, feel free not to enter the contest. But, uh, don’t feel the need to go the extra mile and send me hate mail, because that would be a bummer.

So! Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 for an entry. Winner to be determined by random number generation and strength of your baby’s laser-beam glare.

Ready? Go!


  1. Dang, I don’t want the first comment curse. But I want the book!

  2. Samesies – the book’s title makes me laugh every time I see it!

  3. This would be a great present for my cousin whose due in May!

  4. this sounds awesome!

  5. I NEED this! I have a friend about to have a baby and I NEED to give this to her!

  6. Aaack! Babies! Would love to read this book.

  7. Hope this book comes with instructions on how to control their stench!

  8. Yeah, I’d be keeping that for myself, I’m due at the end of July. Also, I hadn’t heard about the book despite the fact that I used to read both those blogs, so successful marketing effort +1 (in case they were wondering).

  9. My best friend is finding out in the next 15 minutes what she’s having – this would be SO MUCH FUN to give her!

  10. Please! I could use some fun news…

  11. Now I’m torn between waiting to see if I win and running out to buy the book. It’s about time someone put some humor into a baby book. I know from experiance you really need humor when you have a new baby.

  12. OhOhOh I know just who this’d be perfect for…

  13. This would be perfect for my sister!

  14. I have ooldes of friends havin babies who have great sense of humor- so I will put this to good use- but I just may read the book first since my ‘baby’ is now 3….

  15. Like!

  16. I love these gals! I was going to buy the book for myself. And still will buy it for friends, if’n I win this dealie. But geez, the shot glasses got me.

  17. holy crap – I am currently panicking about babies, so this would be great!

  18. I’ve got two baby showers coming up. Come on, me!

  19. I am totally ready to panic about babies when I have one this April.

  20. This would be an awesome gift for a few of my friends who are getting ready to dive into the crazy club called parenthood.

  21. Cool…I’d love that!

  22. This would be so much fun. I might even share it. 😉

  23. Oh my goodness. I have a girlfriend who seriously needs this. In fact, it is a great idea even if I don’t win!

  24. new baby in our house. Love their humor. I will love to read it and maybe pass it on to my friend having twins. Thanks!

  25. They are hilarious…love it!

  26. Please choose me.

  27. Too funny. Would love to win for my sister-in-law. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. This sounds like a must have for every new mom – and I know just the mom to give this to…

  29. Sounds awesome!

  30. Sign me up! I want to win!

  31. Too funny — would love to read this!

  32. Hilarious 🙂

  33. Love it!

  34. Hilarious!

  35. I love this. I think I would give it to my sister-in-law.

  36. I would love this for me! Please pick me!

  37. Love it! What an awesome gift basket for the unexpecting new mom!

  38. Sounds like just what every new mom needs!

  39. This would be great to have ready for the next baby shower I attend.

  40. Sounds like fun!!

  41. love it!!

  42. I need the cross stitch.

  43. Now that’s funny! My daughter needs this.

  44. I’d love this- what a great package!

  45. I’d love it!

  46. This would be so awesome for my sister who is about to have number three. Not a panicker (is that a word?) but she’d love love love it nonetheless.

  47. Could I please win this for my neighbor who just brought home twins?????

  48. Hilarious. I’m almost 8 months pregnant with number two and totally “need” this! 🙂

  49. Ha. This sounds awesome. I would love to win this!

  50. Let’s go Lady Luck! Mama needs a laugh-no whammy’s!

  51. Ha ha ha! Awesome. Would love to read it.

  52. Panic? What panic? Just because number two is on its way and I am having trouble imagining how I’ll do it without losing my mind! Ha.

  53. Yes, please 🙂

  54. Oh, I know the perfect person to gift this to!

  55. Oh, yes, please!

  56. I think mine had more laser-beam screams!

  57. too cute!

  58. I think I have the right person to give this to, but I’ll have to give her a test first, to make sure. (She may be actually panicking about babies- for reals!)

  59. Panic!

  60. Fun! thanks! Jessica

  61. ready to panic!

  62. I don’t have babies yet. but HELLO I wanna read this book! looks hilarious.

  63. Humorous!!!

  64. O good gods, I am SO READY to panic! You have no earthly idea!

  65. yes, please!!

  66. Love irreverance!

  67. Expecting Baby #4 in a month–this looks REALLY fun, and has some really useful (= make me laugh) things!!!

  68. This would be just perfect for a pregnant friend of mine. She even cross-stitches!

  69. Just getting over the excitement of this pregnancy (which will be my third kiddo) and starting to panic. Timely giveaway!

  70. Wouldn’t be offended at all…. not even a little bit

  71. My BFF is prego! How fun!

  72. My friend is pregnant with her first and I would love this for her!

  73. LOVE it!!

  74. There is the most sweet couple that I know who NEED this gift basket! (Thank God I don’t because, as much as I love babies, I DO NOT want to have another one!)

  75. I’m a new mom! (Well…I already had two before my latest… but that’s still new, isn’t it?) Sounds hilarious

  76. Love Anne Taintor and love Subversive Cross stitich!

  77. I know somebody who would really appreciate this!

  78. Awesome!

  79. I’m in!

  80. I am good at nothing if not panicking. Not sure what that says about me. Need this!

  81. I’m currently panicking!!! Pick me!

  82. This book looks like it would be perfect for a friend of mine. Actually, two friends could use it, I would have to decide who I like best if I win.
    BTW, your random number generator is sooooooooooooooooo pretty. 🙂

  83. Funny

  84. Baby due in 2 months…I think I need this

  85. A friend of mine just found out she is 7 weeks pregnant and she has an 8 week old adopted baby. She NEEDS this!

  86. FUN!

  87. I have a friend who needs this!

  88. Oh yes, I want this one

  89. I have the perfect friend for this!

  90. Oh this would make a great gift!

  91. I really want to read this book.

  92. I have no baby and I want no more babies… but I want to read her book!

  93. this looks awesome

  94. Love it!

  95. This would be a great gift for my friend’s baby shower next month. She is already freaking out.

  96. so fun! thanks mir!

  97. Count me in…..books sounds great!

  98. Yay for Panic!!

  99. Love it! I could use some more snark in my life.

  100. Awesome! Lucky number 100?!!?

  101. Will pass on the book to sister, but maybe keep the back massager from myself…

  102. Sounds fun!

  103. My baby has super laser beam eyes. I’ve already won. Now give me the book.

    (Did it work? Just checking.)

  104. Panicking, check!

  105. I love subversion 😉

  106. My bff would love this, her little baby is due in a couple weeks

  107. My daughter is a year old, but it’s not too late — I’d love to read this book!

  108. Love the cover art!

  109. yes, please!

  110. Yes!!

  111. would love to win this!

  112. Would love to win

  113. My step-daughter has baby number two on the way in June!

  114. This sounds hilarious! I’m in, please.

  115. Looks like a hoot! I am done with babies, but look back fondly on the freaking out years. It would be a trip down memory lane….

  116. I would love to win this for my sister who, yes, is panicking about her new pregnancy!

  117. EHEHEHE (evil laughter)… would be great for my bro and sis-in-law who are expecting their first!!!

  118. I’ll throw my name in, just so that I can say that is one of the funniest things I’ve head all weekend. We referred to all baby books as the paranoia books. “OOH. The baby looked sideways. Better check the paranoia book.” So this contest is just plain AWESOME!

  119. Hilarious! Would love a copy!

  120. Cute……a gift for a friend who just had #3!

  121. What a great gift idea . . . even if I don’t win.

  122. As a mother of a hyperactive 6 month old, I would love to win this book!

  123. My daughter is trying to start a family and what fun this book would be!

  124. Hahahahahaha!
    So funny.

    Thanks Mir.

  125. My favorite pregnancy book so far? “Pregnancy Sucks.” This pack sounds like it would be right up any grumpy mom’s alley.

  126. My pregnant sister REALLY needs a dose of reality.

  127. I’m so looking forward to this book (and am good at panicking!)

  128. Sounds like my kind of humor.

  129. I could use the STOP FREAKING OUT!

  130. I have a 4 month old!

  131. Me! I’d love to win this!

  132. HA! Hilarious gift basket!

  133. This looks hilarious! Want.

  134. My daughter is a little bit panic-striken anticipating going from mother of one to mother of two. This might really alleviate the stress!

  135. I’ll be trying pretty soon and would love something like this!

  136. Perfect!

  137. Sounds hilarious. I do love those writers.

  138. I know a new mom who could use this!

  139. I think I need this. I have two friends that had three babies between them.

  140. My baby had laser eyes, too! What a coincidence.

  141. Sounds hilarious!

  142. Funny is always a welcome guest in this house!

  143. perfect gift set.

  144. BOTH my sisters are due a day apart at the end of March! This would be so great!

  145. Would love to have this.

  146. I love a good funny book, and the fun things with it are awesome. count me in !!!

  147. I just had a baby and could really use anything that tells me to stop freaking out!!!

  148. This would make an awesome gift for my friend Laura who just had a baby!

  149. Pick me! Pick me! I neeeeeed this! 🙂

  150. sounds hillarious!!

  151. Fun!

  152. I wanna win!!!

  153. Sounds fun plus my sister is a new mom.

  154. crazy

  155. Sounds awesome!

  156. what a funny site!

  157. Would be great for my wife!

  158. awesome!
    i want this!

  159. Count me in!

  160. Oh man, my friend is eight weeks from being a mother- she would love this so much!!!

  161. Due in October, this would be nice!

  162. I need this!
    Pick me, please!!!

  163. me – I am panicked just about all the time so it’s perfect!

  164. Would be a hoot to give as a gift!

  165. This would be hilarious!!

  166. Have a new ge greatrandbaby coming. This would b

  167. I have a lot of friends having kids this year and could use some baby gifts.

  168. I think I would want this for me!

  169. OH! I’m throwing a baby shower at school for my son’s kindergarten teacher. This would score some massive brownie points!!!

  170. I really would like this. This sounds so funny and very interesting. Pick me!

  171. THanks Mir. Perfect timing!

  172. This looks funny!

  173. This sounds awesome.

  174. My best friend just had her first baby, and this would be perfect for her!

  175. This cracks me up. 🙂

  176. That sounds like the best gift basket ever!

  177. woo love it

  178. I’m a grandmother of 5. My kids need this book.

  179. Just under the wire! But don’t hold that against me, o powerful random number generator.

  180. due with number two october! please!!!

  181. sure, why not. can’t go wrong with free stuff.

  182. Count me in!

  183. Gimme! Gimme! (Please? Thank you!)

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