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By Mir
February 23, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Everyone look at alert Want Not reader Mandy. Now everyone tell Mandy how absolutely ravishing she’s looking, today. Because she is extremely pretty.

Mandy just emailed to tip me off to this special running at Amazon for the next five days: Spend $20 on qualifying magazines, get $10 back as a promotion code for a future purchase. Nice, right? Even better: They’ve got a bunch of 2 for $20 subscriptions (that includes O Magazine!), so you could pick up two subscriptions for a grand total of… $10. When you figure on the money you’re getting back, anyway.

Not a bad way to pick up a little light reading. Thanks, Mandy!


  1. Thanks Mir! (and Mandy). I just picked up Oprah’s magazine and Rachael Ray’s for $20 and will hopefully receive the $10 Amazon coupon soon. I don’t love Rachael Ray, but I figured that would read it once in a while… and it was worth it to get Oprah for only $10!

  2. *blushes furiously*

    Deal looks good, but I see many bad reviews for the magazine supplier specifically in reference to the kids’ mag, Highlights High Five.

    Decisions, decisions, $10 Amazon card or not receiving a mag for 6 months….

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