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By Mir
February 28, 2011
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If you have kids and a computer, most likely you’re well-versed in Webkinz, the first online world which bridged the gap between “play on the computer” and “real stuff.” The Webkinz model is brilliant, because it’s free to play… once you’ve bought a cuddly stuffed animal with a valid code. And of course it’s even more fun if you buy more animals! Funny how that works. Once you have your animal(s), of course the goal is to spend more time playing on the computer.

And Webkinz are plenty fun, don’t get me wrong. I just think something that encourages kids to be a little more active is a little easier to get behind, as a parent. And that’s why I’m totally digging GeoPalz, the world where kids get rewarded for walking. Just have them wear one of the handy-dandy GeoPalz pedometers (which are super cute and will totally make them the envy of their pals) during the day, then log their steps each evening. The more they walk, the more real-life prizes (like sports equipment) they can win!

For this week’s contest, one lucky Want Not reader is going to win Diego, here; he’s a limited-edition Skelanimals GeoPalz pedometer, and will allow your child to measure his/her steps and use the GeoPalz website to log them. Pretty cool.

Want to win him? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 for a contest entry. Winner to be determined by random number generation and spring in your step.

Ready? Go!


  1. I have a couple of kids who would love to fight over something this cool…

  2. Pretty cool idea to keep kids moving!

  3. My son might like this!

  4. Very cool idea!

  5. cool idea.

  6. Awesome!

  7. I love this idea!

  8. How cool is that?!

  9. Oh – I like these. Going to look into getting 3 – or 2 if I win 😉

  10. ooooo! I love this!!! YEAH!

  11. I know my 4.5 yr old son would love this. He likes running the track at the YMCA, with this he could ‘see’ his steps.

  12. My son would be thrilled with this! 🙂 I love the concept!

  13. Wow! Great idea

  14. I want to win this.

  15. I would almost be tempted to use it myself. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. love this idea – my kids would fight over it

  17. That’s awesome! If we don’t win, I may have to get one for my son for his birthday!

  18. Pokemon sneakers are ready to go!

  19. very cool!

  20. I think it is my turn!

  21. This would be wonderful to win! Then I could give it to The Boy whilst I go buy one for myself!

  22. My tween would love it!

  23. Brilliant idea!

  24. I have never heard of this. I am going to have to start watching sales (unless I win one).

    Thanks Mir.

  25. Phenomenal idea! Love it! I need 2 so they can compete!

  26. This is great! I would love to send it to my 13 year old brother with autism! He would love it!

  27. great idea!

  28. My oldest would love this…what a great way to get moving even more!

  29. I would totally tag my little brother with one of these. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  30. Everytime i hear about wonderful ideas like this – I think, why didn’t think of that! Count me in.

  31. I’ve heard great things about these fancy toys! I’ve got 5 kiddos so I’m sure one of them will enjoy this 🙂

  32. I wold love this. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  33. Would love to see how many steps my crazy almost 4 year old takes – and he would love that!

  34. Do I have to promise that I’d give it to a kid? I want!

  35. My little guy would LOVE this!!

  36. sounds fun

  37. I LOVE this! Thanks!

  38. What a great idea!

  39. How awesome! I want to win one!

  40. Oooohhhh love this idea!

  41. My nine children will likely draw blood fighting over this, but what the hay. It’s cute!

  42. I want to get this for my daughter!

  43. My kids walk to school so this could end up being quite fun. So tired of having stuffed animals underfoot.

  44. This would be great for my son!

  45. What a cool idea!

  46. These are really cool, what a good idea!

  47. My son loves Skelanimals. He would simply adore this.

  48. Love it! Got some birthdays coming up.

  49. Niece’s birthday is coming up soon!

  50. I love this & so would my 10 y/o daughter!

  51. Excellent idea!!! 10 yr old granddaughter would love it!!!

  52. i love this!

  53. Crazy cool!!!!

  54. brilliant

  55. I would be the coolest Mimi ever!

  56. What will they think of next!

  57. Super cool!

  58. Sounds fun!!

  59. Very very cool… And we love skelanimals in our house!

  60. My oldest techie son would be in love.

  61. Love it. My daughter would enjoy one of these.

  62. Yes please!

  63. Me please!!

  64. neat!

  65. My daughter would love this…and so would I!

  66. Cool!

  67. he is adorable!!

  68. My daughter would LOVE this! Great for her 7th birthday. She loves being in a Walking Club at school, and also loves Webkinz!

  69. Genius. Count me in! My 10 year old would love this.

  70. Love this!

  71. What a great concept!

  72. how cool!!!

  73. Too cool!

  74. Never heard of these before – but what a great idea!

  75. ok, that looks cool. might have to get those for my cubs even if we don’t win

  76. I’m in.

  77. this sounds neat!

  78. Thanks for the chance!

  79. fingers crossed!

  80. My kids love pedometers- this is a supercute one!

  81. Way to cute, my kids would love it!!!

  82. My son would love this!!!

  83. what a great idea

  84. my son could use a wii-vil break.

  85. This looks pretty awesome!

  86. OOOO OOOO my daughter would SWOON

  87. love it! Tho I’m not sure I’d share with my kids 🙂

  88. Sounds fun!

  89. Sure!

  90. I love this!

  91. Love this idea!

  92. Very cool idea! My daughter would love this!

  93. What a great idea!

  94. I love this idea! I can’t even imagine how many steps my 4 year old takes.

  95. Well, the new meds I’m on ARE adding more spring to my step . .

  96. Can grown-ups play too?!?

  97. That sounds very cool!

  98. What a great idea!

  99. Great idea! Would love this!

  100. wow – what a great idea

  101. Sweet!

  102. What a FABULOUS idea. I LOVE it and the kids would really enjoy this.

  103. Would love it!!

  104. I love this! My kids have recently been driving me crazy wanting to play with my pedometer. This would be perfect. I think I know what the Easter Bunny is bringing this year!

  105. Fantastic idea – my kids would love it!!

  106. My daughter would love this!

  107. My daughter would love her own pedometer.

  108. Love it!

  109. My daughter would love this!

  110. Very cool! Why can’t I think up stuff like this?

  111. Since my 5 yr olds fight over who gets to wear my pedometer now – and this is way cooler – I’m in.

  112. I love this!

  113. Awesome, I bet my 7 year old would love this!

  114. I think this is a great idea.

  115. Great idea. First I’ve heard about this…though I suspect I’ll be hearing more. My kids are huge Webkinz fans (don’t even ask how many we have!), and I bet either of them would like this, too.

  116. Super cool!

  117. My boys need this to help get them to exercise during these cold winter months in New England!

  118. Brilliant!!!!! Finally, something that involves exercise and technology besides video games!

  119. My kids would love this!

  120. Neato! Thanks – Jessica

  121. What a great idea…why do I never think these stuff up!

  122. exercise!

  123. Go Diego Go. Oh, wrong show. 🙂

  124. pick me, pick me!

  125. My niece’s birthday is in two weeks – she would love this, skeleton head and all!

  126. This sounds so cool!

  127. OMG, I would, like, love that for my Tween! As a FitMomma, I LOVE this!

  128. Very cool.

  129. Great idea to get kids excited about exercise.

  130. This would be great for my daughter who will be walking to school by herself for the first time next year!

  131. great concept!

  132. Perfect for my son!

  133. Very cool idea. My niece would love it.

  134. My daughter LOVES Skelanimals, so this would be perfect for her! Thanks!

  135. Fun! I had my daughter out yesterday for two walks, and I can’t wait for spring to do it even more easily! This could be just the ‘magical’ item to keep the whines at bay while we’re getting ready to go outside …… Wahoo!

  136. love it

  137. This looks fun!

  138. My daughter loves Skelanimals and also animals with fur and flesh. She would love this.

  139. My kids would be fighting over this!

  140. So cool, I would love this

  141. Very cool!

  142. not sure who will like this more, me or my 5 yo!!

  143. Super cool! My 9 year old son would LOVE this!

  144. omg skelanimalsss. that is awesome!

  145. Do you have to be a kid to use this???….or just a kid at heart?!!

  146. my 10 year old would love this–he’s my walking buddy!

  147. I would love to own one.

  148. I think this is a great idea! My daughter will end up with one either way.


  149. That is so great! My kids have pokewalkers and compete to see who gets the most watts (points for # of steps). They’ll LOVE getting actual stuff!!

  150. What a great idea!!

  151. These are GREAT!

  152. I have a computerpotato this would be great for!!

  153. We’re in! 🙂

  154. So cute, what a great idea!

  155. Anything that gets/keeps kids moving is an excellent idea – wish my pedometer looked that cool!

  156. boing! (that’s the spring in my step you are hearing)

  157. Sounds like a winner.

  158. How fun! We’d love to give that a try!

  159. So cute!!

  160. This is a neat idea! Would love to win!

  161. This would be perfect for our family! Pick us pretty Mir! 🙂

  162. hoping i win!

  163. What a cool idea! I’d love this for my kids!

  164. Very cool!

  165. Cool, pick me!

  166. We got one of those wrist thingies that track activity when it was a Mamapedia deal, but I think this would be better for the kiddo.

  167. these look great! i know a kid who would go crazy…

  168. neat! my kiddos would love it

  169. Love it!! Yes please!

  170. Is it wrong that I want to wear this for myself??

  171. Cool!

  172. My 7 yo would love this! I might borrow it too… I’m crossing my fingers, pretty one!

  173. I would love to get my son moving!

  174. That is too cute.

  175. Form and function – love it!

  176. Hope I win!

  177. I think Jackson and I need to share that prize.

  178. Love that!!! Hoping to be the winner.

  179. Cool!

  180. That looks cool! If I won one then I would only have to buy two more for the other kiddos.

  181. Always need energy-releasers for the kiddos!

  182. Yes, please!

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