By Mir
March 7, 2011

When I checked the Target Daily Deals early this morning, they were doing that thing where there’s items listed but they’re not actually marked down. Fun! So I waited and kept checking back and they seem to have fixed it, now.

So one of the featured items today is one of those multi-bin organizing racks for kids, and can I just tell you that my youngest is now 11 and we still use that thing? If you have a kid who collects small objects (of any kind) there is simply no rivaling the giant bin rack thing. (Yes, that’s the technical term. Giant bin rack thing.) I lurve it. It’s down to $45 shipped, today, and worth every stinkin’ penny.

(I know, I know; you just wish I would stop holding back and tell you how I really feel….)


  1. I really want a couple of those bin organizers for my boys…but NOT in the obnoxious ‘kid’ colors!

  2. Amanda, my friend told me she could only find non-primary or non-pastel colors of bin organizer at Wal Mart. She wasn’t impressed with the quality but was putting it in her family room so she really didn’t want kid colors.

  3. Oh thank you! I never think to check Target Daily Deals and I needed some cheap chairs! Mine are literally falling apart and I have 2 young boys. There aren’t many options for cheap/decent looking/something I won’t feel the need to defend with my life and blue-in-the-face admonishments.

    The bins are good closet organizers. I have 2-one for the playroom and one for my son’s medical supplies.

  4. Try IKEA if you have one close for a non-primary option. The TROFAST stuff is awesome… more pricey than Target, but built better, and the bins slide in and out like drawers so you don’t actually have to see the stuff all the time.

  5. Amanda,
    One word: IKEA. They might have some in the regular section, but we have a set of bin holders from the kids area, and we just bought the stair-step wood-colored unit with plain white bins.

  6. I love those bins. I have the primary colored one for my son and the pastel for my daughter. However, they tend to be on sale every six-eight weeks or so for $35.

  7. Leanne–are they usually on sale at the store? Because I’m thinking the free shipping would balance out the $10 more you spend today vs. when it’s on sale.

    Also, does anyone use these for legos? I don’t like seeing the toys but I think for my kids, being able to actually see the contents of the bin makes them easier to use, clean up stuff, etc. We have some where you have to pull out the bin and somehow the effort required to actually pull out the bin and look at it seems too great. My kids just stuff junk in the bin and never look at it again.

  8. Yes, $35 in store. I occasionally leave from behind my computer screen to shop… not often but I live within 5 minutes of a Target which would cost me approx 45 cents in gas saving me about $9 more. 🙂
    So I guess the $35 deal would benefit those who live more than $10 away from Target. hehe

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