Let the dishwasher do the dishes

By Mir
March 15, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Try as I might, I just cannot wean myself off Cascade dishwashing detergent. It’s one of those things where brand matters to me, and even though my bleeding, tree-hugging heart tries a “natural” brand every few months, I always come crawling back to Cascade. What can I say? I prefer not to have to wash the dishes after they’ve been through the dishwasher. Ahem.

Right now Amazon has this 85-count container of Cascade Action Gel Packs for just $16.37, which is a pretty good price, already. But! Click on the “Clip this coupon” button to save another quarter, plus then you can buy via Subscribe & Save to save another 15% and get free shipping. The result: $13.66 shipped, or just about $.16/load. Not bad.


  1. My hubby got a bunch for free from some guy (best price!). I’ll be sad when they’re gone, they work much better than the El Cheapo stuff I usually am stuck with.

  2. Thanks Mir – I just ordered it and for the first time did the subscribe and save. You have seriously saved me tons of money – You are the best 🙂

  3. Oooh, I like to stock up on these when Costco has their coupon. But this may be a Subscribe & Save I’m willing to sign up for!
    I”m with you, for some reason, I always keep coming back to these little things. I know there are more natural ways and i know there are more economical ways to wash my dishes, but these babies really are worth it! Thanks for the deal!

  4. oh most definitely in for this one, thank you!

  5. I really like Method dishwasher tabs. They have no phosphates and no bleach and my dishes are really clean. My glasses may not be crystal clear but they are still clean. It’s a tradeoff: clean streams and rivers v. glassware with no spots.

  6. Hurray! I’m out of the nasty stuff I had last purchased and did a survey with my FB friends to see what was the best detergent out there and they said this one. Now I can get it! And my kids will just have to learn how to hand wash until it arrives. We all thank you. 😉

  7. Most of the big name dishwasher detergents now participate in the voluntary ban on phosphates that started in mid-2010, and have switched to enzymes instead. Many states make the ban compulsory. Thus, the most recent boxes of Cascade and Electrasol I’ve purchased have been phosphorus-free. That’s good in limiting the algae blooms, but they definitely don’t clean as well. This is REALLY noticeable in hard water areas (like mine, at 17-18 grains per gallon), because the phosphates really countered the effects of the hard water.

    Cascade and Electrasol POWDER still outperform all the other kinds (including the various single-use options, whether bricks or packs) I’ve tried. I figure “It isn’t green if it doesn’t clean,” since that only adds to the rewashing and more use of the wimpy stuff.

    What REALLY helped more than anything else? A dishwasher with a built-in water softener. The Miele I drove 2.5 hours away to get, paying $75 for it, has solved all my dirty dish problems. Having tried it for 9 months now, I’d happily pay the $1,400 for a new one. This machine is just incredible. INCREDIBLE.

  8. If you rewash you are wasting more water!

  9. Have you ever tried the Electrasol Quantum powerball caspsules with jetdry shine ? They are ridiculously expensive, even with a coupon, so I only use them with really dirty loads, but they work better than anything I’ve ever used and they don’t get stuck in the dishwasher’s cup. I don’t rinse before loading but they still come out shining clean with no water spots. I just wish they were less expensive.

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