Luck of the Irish couponers

By Mir
March 16, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Through St. Patrick’s Day (that’s tomorrow, just in case you’re not keeping track), all Entertainment Books are just $17 apiece with free shipping.

Now, the regular price is $35-$40, which you could easily make back with just a few coupon usages (and if you’ve never had one of these books, they have coupons for everything, including things like half-off lodging, which makes the savings add up quickly). But at just $17 a pop? Well that’s kind of crazy.

I was just chatting with someone about planning a Disney trip. For $17, I’m thinking that Orlando book is sounding like a good vacation investment….


  1. These things pay for themselves so quickly. I was given one by a friend this year, but I easily could have justified buying my own with the coupon savings. And I *only* use coupons on things I am already going to buy. If you live in Atlanta, there are BOGO coupons for Tin Drum and Evos. There’s also a $10 off $50 at World Market, and a $7 off a purchase at if you register your book online. There are also tons of cheap haircut place coupons, perfect for my boyfriend.

    I only wish there were more coupons for ‘local’ stores versus big chains.

  2. I always wish the coupons were for stuff that’s actually close to me, not 30 miles away . .

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