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By Mir
March 24, 2011

Many thanks going out to the Athens-CWC for having me out to their brunch this morning to talk about savvy online shopping. I had a blast and I hope everyone had a great time.

If you’re visiting Want Not for the first time, after hearing me speak, I would love to tell you that my hollering at random people, “Come back! You can buy tampons from Amazon!” was an anomaly, but sadly I cannot. (Um, if you weren’t there, then that totally did not happen. Never mind. Stop looking at me like that.) I do suffer from chronic foot-in-mouth syndrome, but if you’ll forgive me, I promise to help with your shopping.

I feel like I should get new business cards made up. Mir Kamin: Awkward and inappropriate, but really good at shopping. That’d actually be kind of awesome, no?


  1. Do it!!! They’d be almost as awesome as you. 😀

  2. That would be awesome. 🙂

  3. Tampons are expensive, man! We totally understand.

  4. Hey, I JUMPED on that last tampon deal you posted.

    I pink-puffy-heart you and all your pretty frugality (not to be confused with fungality, which is what I originally – and accidentally – typed… though you ARE a fun gal, now that I think of it. I should really stop this stream-of-consciousness commenting.)!

  5. I don’t know…I think it should just say “Awkward and kind of inappropriate.” After all, yelling after someone about tampons may be inappropriate, but yelling after someone about good deals on tampons is only sort of inappropriate. 😉

  6. I so wish I could have seen that. And I adore you.

  7. that’d be an amazing business card. a good conversation starter, if nothing else. 😉

  8. You were great!! It’s wonderful to see a sister-in-arms refusing to pay retail and getting a thrill from saving ALL that mon-ay!!

  9. I still remember trying to explain Amazon.com to my FIL last year at Christmas. Him: “You buy things? On the computer?” Wait until he sees my kindle… oh, wait. I didn’t buy myself a Kindle yet.

  10. I totally think you should get those business cards…IF they come free from Vistaprint!

  11. Oh, if I only lived a couple hours closer, I totally woulda been there. Shoulda been there… 🙂

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