It’s a rainy day…

By Mir
March 28, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

How did Target know that it’s pouring here? I am deeply suspicious.

Be that as it may, the rain-themed Target Daily Deals are pretty awesome today. Solid colored rain boots, long jackets for women, kiddie jackets… and the pièce de résistance, a beautiful MOMA umbrella. (Clouds! On the inside!) That one’s still pretty pricey, but it’s so pretty.

(Plus, then you could stand in the rain, and still look up at blue sky.)

Don’t forget to try coupon code TCA23BMA for an extra 10% off, too.


  1. Cute stuff!! Sadly, it’s supposed to snow today up here where we live. I should be looking for winter boots in the clearance section!

  2. Amazing. The solid color boots description has a – check out all your choices – link that leads to some very cutesy options. You know, if you are wearing them in something other than knee deep mud and said cute options would still be visible. We had more snow yesterday and while it might be pretty? It’s no longer welcome. By any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

  3. Thanks so much Mir! I broke my mom’s favorite umbrella a couple weeks ago and now I can replace it with another one that will certainly make her smile. Now if I could figure out a way to justify those rainboots (that I know I won’t really wear);…

  4. That sky umbrella is so cool!

    It’s snowing here. I rushed out and cut some daffodils in the snow this morning before it was too late.

  5. Another Sue, the non-solids aren’t part of the Daily Deal. They’re more expensive by a few $ and shipping isn’t free unless you’re buying more than $50. But yes, cute!

  6. Ah well, there goes any claim to becoming a savvy shopper. EG, I do appreciate your help (along with the always pretty Mir). I thought I noticed a pair or two that were cheaper, but in all honesty, I didn’t look that closely, because as you may have surmised by my mud to the knees comment, boots around here are purchased at places like farm & ranch. Sigh I’m well past the “cute” stage, and one could ponder if I’m sliding into dementia. I will go sit quietly with my typing fingers otherwise occupied now. (And pay shipping? Egads! Mir taught me long ago not to settle for that.)

  7. Hey, I’ve been looking for a trench for a while and wasn’t willing to pay full price for this one when I saw it in the store. Score! Thanks!

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