National Geographic for under $1/month

By Mir
March 28, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to pretty reader Theresa for pointing out that one year of National Geographic is currently just $10 at Amazon; it’s listed at $15, and another $5 comes off at checkout, automatically.

True story: My husband and I have a little… well, not exactly argument, but more like discussion about National Geographic every year. Because every year he renews it without checking with me, and pays more than I think he should. But then he counters that he wants to support the organization and doesn’t mind paying more. And then I feel like a terrible person. Gradually I forget about it, until the next year.

Don’t let this happen to you. Heh.


  1. Thanks, we love National Geographic and now we are all set until Sept of 2012!

  2. Or, you can get cheap subscriptions and then donate separately to the National Geographic Society, and you can deduct that donation from your taxes. Just sayin’.

  3. And National Geographic for Kids (normally $15) is only $5 when they automatically take $10 off at check out!

  4. Shoot, I checked both NG for Kids (big kids & little) and neither were marked down to $5. Darn.

  5. It’s not until checkout that it shows up at $5.

  6. i wanted teh kids and little kids too and it didn’t come off at checkout for me either,
    $30 for the 2 magazines 🙁
    The big people NG did work though so that is fun!
    I will hold out on the little ones!

  7. Maybe it was limit 1 and I got it. Weird. Sorry! But the Big people one is still a GREAT deal!

  8. Got a subscription for my family & my nephew’s birthday for only $10 each. Awesome! Thanks Mir!

  9. The kids’ version is apparently ad-ridden to a ridiculous extent, according to the reviews. How strange… I guess I won’t jump on this one. Maybe I’ll get the adult version instead. Great pictures for craft projects for the kids, anyways!

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