Portable induction cooking, from Kenmore

By Mir
March 28, 2011
Category Contests

Y’all were so excited about last week’s Kenmore food process we thought we’d keep the Kenmore goodness going this week. How’s that sound?

So today you’re going to have a chance to win the Kenmore Elite Portable Induction Cooktop with non-stick frying pan, and this baby is like getting a kitchen remodel without having to, you know, actually remodel your kitchen. Instead of buying yourself a fancy new stove, you can get this convenient extra burner that heats evenly, magically turns itself off when you remove the pan, and does the dishes for you. (Okay, it doesn’t really do the dishes. I made that part up.)

Anyway, the point is that it expands your cooking ability at home, plus you can take it camping or whatever and have a burner wherever you need it. Pretty sweet.

Want to win this bad boy? (It retails for nearly $200!) Of course you do; first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to heat evenly. (That… sounded a little dirtier than I meant it to. But only a little.)

Ready? Go!


  1. This would be great!

  2. This would be great!

  3. Count me in!

  4. Now THAT looks HOT.

  5. I’m not saying I would hurt someone to get this, but I’m not saying I won’t if it would help me win.

  6. that would be awesome as we are just starting to camp and don’t like to completely rough it = )

  7. That could be so cool!

  8. Oh how fun!

  9. That would rock!

  10. induction cooktop? Its like tea on demand!

  11. That looks awesome!!

  12. This is SO great! I would love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yes please!

  14. This would help a lot with our upcoming camping adventures into the mountains!

  15. This would be great for using at my homeschool co-op!

  16. ooooh! yes please

  17. I just love Kenmore.

  18. That is the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day!

  19. Woo! Hot stuff!

  20. I’d be game to try that!

  21. This would be great to have!

  22. Wow, that would be awesome! Totally want one.

  23. Would love to give this a try!!

  24. I could use the heck out of this thing…

  25. Yipee!

  26. Suh-weet!

  27. Love even heat!

  28. How AWESOME!!!! I’d love to win!

  29. AWESOME! This would be great to have!

  30. Wow, that’s so cool!

  31. My upcoming campsite has electric — want, want, want! (probably a bit more reliable than my solar cooker among all the trees…)

  32. Oh I definitely want to win this!

  33. love that!

  34. Ooh, yes please!

  35. yes, please!

  36. Wonderful! Thank you.

  37. Sweet! Love to have THAT!

  38. Would I ever love this!

  39. This would make my life so much prettier!

  40. I’d love to win this – thanks for the chance!

  41. I need this puppy.

  42. Ooo – how handy would that be when cookiing for a crowd and needing the extra burner, or for cooking for one?

    And I do heat evenly, at least when I have hot flashes.

  43. um, yeah!!!!

  44. i would just love to have this in my kitchen.

  45. Ooooh! My mother has one of these and loves it. I don’t heat evenly – my feet are always ice cold, but isn’t that a reason to need a heat source?

  46. Nice to have for the safety aspects!

  47. Nifty! Pick me!

  48. Awesome!!

  49. pick me please!

  50. Yes please!

  51. Sounds great!

  52. I would love to have this! Thanks!

  53. This would come in handy.

  54. Would make me happy!!!

  55. I turn 40 on the 31st…I will take that as a sign I will win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Well, yes! Please!

  57. This would be really cool! Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. Very very cool! Would be great to have for camping, even backyard camping.

  59. I can always use an extra burner!

  60. Awesome giveaway! Pick me, pick me!!

  61. My Momma would love that!

  62. That would be awesome for camping!

  63. AWESOME!

  64. WANT!!!! Our stove sucks so much, this would be fabulous!

  65. Would love to have this!

  66. OMG. Want. A lot.

  67. Fabulous for camping!

  68. Yes please! I’m thinking of all the places we could use this – there are many!
    I’m crossing my fingers here…

  69. Bring it! To me!

  70. I would love to win. I could be able to cook while in my wheelchair!!! Thanks for opportunity!

  71. OOH… that is neat! I’d love to check it out.
    Have I told you lately that your um… handwriting? is very very pretty.. just like the rest of you.

  72. Shiny!!!!

  73. Oh Pretty Mir… if the Random Number Generator picks me, I’ll totally cook you a delicious treat <3

  74. Oh nice!

  75. Yes please!

  76. I’m about to start an actual kitchen remodel, and this would be awesome for all the bathroom cooking I will be doing.

  77. pick me!

  78. Awesome give away Mir! You just keep topping yourself with these prizes…
    Oh random number generator, please pick me:)

  79. amazing!!! Yes, please!

  80. Ooohhh I would love this!

  81. Is this the thing that boils water in no time flat? (Yes, I could look it up, but I’d rather ask you people.)

  82. You had me at “does the dishes for you.”

  83. You have no idea how much we could use this. Waaaaaant!

  84. MEEEEE! I’m eyeing induction for my “someday” kitchen, and would love to give this a whirl. Thanks for the chance!

  85. Seriously — I have another tab open, looking at induction cooktops. COME TO MAMA.

  86. Pretty! I want it!

  87. This would be really handy

  88. I’m simply replying again because I realized I misspelled my own name! Ugh, since this MAY say something about my cooking ability, now I really need this so it can boil water for me!

  89. This looks sweet…. Hope I win

  90. How totally cool! Maybe then I could relax my desire for one of the dual ovens!

  91. Perfect for camping!

  92. I think this is the year we are going to start taking the kids camping. Would love this!

  93. Yes! We need one!

  94. Ooooh, I’ve always wanted to try one of those. If I don’t win, I want the winner to invite me over to play with their new toy!

  95. I’d love to win this! I’m facinated by induction cooking…

  96. Ohhh…so cool!!! Would love to get one- this would be so handy in so many places! Of course the kitchen and camping, but how about just in the backyard…at the tiki bar, when we dont want to light the grill or are out of propane? Please pick me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Pick me please!

  98. Yes, please. I would like this.

    A lot.

  99. This is so awesome.

  100. Looks awesome!

  101. I could really use this!!

  102. Me, me!

  103. that is to cool! I would so take that camping all the time.

  104. Sounds awesome! Sign me up ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. This is great! It would be so handy to have!!!

  106. What a great give-away!

  107. Pick me!

  108. Looks AWESOME!! I would รขโ„ขยฅ this!!

  109. Oh, I need this. We don’t have a stove right now as we wait and wait and wait for our kitchen cabinets to be made.

  110. This thing looks bitchin! Thanks for the fun contest(s)!

  111. Kitchen toys! Yea!

  112. I would love this!!

  113. Cool!

  114. Wow! This looks so cool. I’ve never heard of this before. Most excellent.

  115. This would be so cool! I bet they give you this stuff because you’re so pretty!

  116. I’ve been wanting one of these….please…

  117. Truth be told….I could use all the cooking help I can get. Just what I need to get inspired to improve my cooking skills.

  118. Would love this for traveling.

  119. Wow, that would be amazing!

  120. It sounds like one beautiful kitchen maker!

  121. Wow, I’ve always wanted to try that technology!

  122. another cool contest!!! thanks!!!

  123. I want one!

  124. Way cool! Pick me!

  125. YES I want to win that bad boy!!!

  126. Oooh Ooh, I need a kitchen makeover. I do I do! Or at least a burner that works….

  127. Oh Mir – you and that burner are so so pretty!

  128. Wouldn’t THAT burner and pan rock my kitchen! ๐Ÿ˜€

  129. I want this, i never win anything, boo!

  130. My husband works on the road. He would love this!

  131. Pretty please!

  132. it would look so nice sitting on my 1984 formica countertop – pick me!

  133. Nice… I could do my cooking in the pool cage!

  134. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  135. Love it! Pretty please pick me.

  136. Wow. I wonder if this is accessible for a blind cook? If it wouldn’t work for my kiddo, I’m keeping it for myself. Count me in!

  137. Now this intrigues me!

  138. Love this!

  139. These are the most fantastic thing, ever. And shiny!

  140. I would love to win this for my father in law. He would LOVE it!

  141. I haven’t heard of this! Sounds very schmancy & I’d love to win. Thanks for another great contest.

  142. Awesome!!! I realllllllly hope I win!

  143. I want to win!

  144. what a good idea especially when remodeling!

  145. I would love this!

  146. Looks perfect for camping!

  147. This would be awesome to take camping this summer!

  148. Yes, I would like this!

  149. Perfect solution for apartment living. ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. I would love this !

  151. Awesomesauce. Would love to win this ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. This is great!

  153. This would be great to take camping!!!!!

  154. I’ve never seen these, but I LOVE it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. Please!

  156. Wicked! Want! Thanks!

  157. OMG, I LOVE kitchen gadgets!

  158. We love to camp and this would be awesome!

  159. This would be so great!

  160. You have the best contests!!! My range is at least 20 years old and I would love, love love to win this!

  161. I would love to win this thing.

  162. Love it

  163. This would be wonderful!!

  164. We rent an apartment, so having something like this would be a delight! Thanks, Mir! ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. Nice!

  166. Would love this for family resolution to camp more!

  167. I would love this!

  168. Neat! I’ve been wondering about induction with our someday upcoming kitchen remodel. This would certainly be an affordable trial.

  169. Oh, so cool. My engineer husband would be so dorked out to get this!

  170. What a spectacular idea!

  171. This looks amazing! My husband – the family chef – would love this!

  172. Sounds like fun to me!

  173. Oh- Now I won’t have an excuse to NOT cook dinner!!

  174. would’ve come in VERY handy when actually doing our kitchen last year. the grill and microwave got old fast . . . but I still think I’ll be able to make great use of this!! thank you

  175. would love to win this!

  176. This is awesome! Love it!

  177. Seems very useful for those of us that need an extra burner!

  178. I want this so much!!!!

  179. I want one.

  180. Pick me, Random Number Generator!

  181. That looks GREAT!!!

  182. Love it!

  183. That looks so cool!

  184. This would be wonderful for summer camping trips! Thanks!

  185. Do you guarantee I’ll be a better cook? That’s a brave woman!!!

  186. This would solve some problems with holiday cooking, thanks for the chance to win!

  187. Wow, that would be very useful!

  188. This would be perfect for brewing!

  189. Who couldn’t use something like this?!

  190. Wow! Mir you are really outdoing yourself. Thanks!

  191. This would be an awesome thing to win!

  192. who knew such a thing existed?? too cool.

  193. I love to cook! This would be great!

  194. Thanks, Mir!

  195. Oooh! Fun!!! New appliances are always fun! Thanks, Mir!

  196. I had no idea what this was until I read your post, and now I think it is a fabulous thing – why haven’t I heard of this before? Thanks for the shot, lovely Mir.

  197. Sign me up! I cook A LOT! =)

  198. I don’t know why I keep trying to win something. When I am among the first commentators, the winner is among the higher numbers, when I am among the last, the first win. No luck.

    But hope never dies and I could actually use one more burner for my parties.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  199. Dear Random Number Generator,

    You are so very pretty! Please pick me!



  200. Count me in!

  201. ohhhhhhhh… I could be trouble with one of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  202. Just in time for camping- thanks!

  203. I rarely heat evenly, but I’d love to win one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. wow…loving it!

  205. Looks like fun!

  206. That is cool. I’d love to try that.

  207. That looks so cool! I would love to try it out!

  208. WHAT a contest! Unevenly heated, Jessica

  209. Just when I am sad that I didn’t win the other contest, I get all excited for the new one!

  210. What a great addition to our Cherokee Camper. Since we are in it every weekend from May to Oct. it would get a good workout. Pick me.

  211. Just what my almost ten year old needs for her birthday! (Just kidding).

  212. Hey WantNot! I Want this!!! (Like really, really want:-))
    Thanks for the great contests Mir!

  213. Thanks!

  214. Thanks! Looks great!

  215. *Drool*

  216. Count me in!

  217. Ah the possibility

  218. Pretty cool.

  219. Looks pretty awesome!

  220. Inducted me, er something.

  221. Looks awesome! Just tonight I was wishing I had another burner on the stove.

  222. I’m in!! Come to MEEEEE, induction cooktop!!

  223. Wow! How cool is that!

  224. Ooooh, pretty!

  225. Third time is a charm??? I hope so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  226. evenly heated up for that! thanks for the chance to get it ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Ooo! Ooo! Pick me, pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. If I win this, I have my Brother-in-law done for Christmas!!!

  229. Those things are absolutely fascinating! That’s going on my wish list for sure!

  230. and you forgot to mention that the chef for a year comes with this right?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰ regardless I’d love to win this!

  231. Wow! How cool!!!

  232. ooh this is really one I want…

  233. I am the evenest heater. I swear.

  234. Count me in!

  235. I would loooooove this!

  236. I feel like I am always in need of another burner!

  237. I would love to win this baby!

  238. Very neat. I would love it!

  239. Pretty please.

  240. This is totally awesome. It would be juicy if I were to win this!!

  241. That’s incredibly cool! That might even convince me to go camping!

  242. I can EAT evenly…does that count?

  243. sounds neat!

  244. Wow!

  245. Well, I DO expect that whole hot-flash thing to start happening for me soon, I guess I’d be heating up then! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  246. Pretty cool!

  247. My husband has been trying to convince me to replace the electric cooktop with an induction one (I’ve been asking for a gas one), so this would be a great way to try induction out!

  248. This looks great!!

  249. That would be great for the office kitchen!

  250. Super Fresh to Death!

  251. Nice! Thankk you!!

  252. This sounds fabulous!

  253. I want one! The first thing I thought of was cooking bacon outside… no bacon-y smell in the house, but still the yummy goodness.

  254. I am not sure what you would use this for, unless you were camping. Though if you brought it camping then you miss out on the charbroiled scrambled eggs that taste like smoke. Or possibly if I won this I could cook in the basement while I forced my husband into remodeling the kitchen. Oh, I like that idea.

    If I was to win, I would have some serious decisions to make.

    Thanks Mir!

  255. Dad can grill; I can saute on this!

  256. Yes please! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  257. Awesome!

  258. very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. Wow, over 250 people already. C’mon random number generator……:)

  260. Me,me, choose me. My kitchen is small and I could use it!

  261. I would love to win this, thanks!

  262. Awesome i would love one of these!

  263. What a nice prize.

  264. Maybe I would actually agree to go camping if I had this little hottie. Thanks!

  265. Awesome! Can I have the model that cleans itself? Please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  266. I want to win that bad boy! And I promise NOT to take him camping – only use him in the comfort of my very own home.

  267. I could really really use this!!

  268. me! me! of course then I’d have to cook. oh well, me! me! anyway.

  269. oh my..it looks perfect for camping. Pretty please pick me oh number generator!

  270. Oh yes the ability to heat evenly. I am in need of that ability. And of course the extra handy dandy burner. Please.

  271. Great for use at home and in the classroom.

  272. this would ROCK camping. thank you, mir!!

  273. I would love this!!

  274. This would be fantastic!

  275. That’s hot!

  276. My husband (who is the one that actually applies the heat to food in our house) would love to have this.

  277. I want it! Pick me!

  278. Oooh awesome – thanks for the chance to win this!

  279. Oooh! Yes, please!

  280. What a HOT little number!!!! LOL

  281. I would love this!

  282. Love It!

  283. This looks interesting… and shiny!

  284. Cool idea. Pick me!!

  285. Pretty and useful! Would love to take this camping!

  286. This is the one I have been waiting for! I have wanted an induction burner to try but could not justify the cost. You are the BEST & most BEAUTIFUL Mir!!!

  287. oh.. this would make me sooo pretty !! =)

  288. Ooooooooooh, I LOVE this!

  289. This sounds like a handy-dandy deal.

  290. How neat!

  291. Great idea! I would love it!

  292. I’d love to win this; induction cooking is awesome!

  293. Super cool!

  294. These are terrific. Would love one for myself! And to share, of course.

  295. This looks neat!!!

  296. Two minutes ago, I had no idea such a thing existed. And now I want one desperately. It would be great for those times when I have more than one cook in the kitchen, not to mention what an improvement it would be over my Coleman camp stove!

  297. Could always use one of these!!

  298. This would be perfect for camping!

  299. I would love to try this!

  300. Nifty item.

  301. I need all the cooking help I can get – I just burned scrambled eggs.

  302. Oooh – cooking!

  303. The possibilities for this are almost endless. I want it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  304. This looks awesome!

  305. WOW! This would be used a ton here in our household. Camping and fundraisers for our military Family Readiness Group will keep it in use for sure!

  306. I’d love it!

  307. I want this. Please?

  308. who wouldn’t want this? Hmmm?

  309. sounds great!

  310. Yes please. My hubby use to be a chef, and he would love this!

  311. ooh, nifty! count me in!

  312. Okay, this lured me out of lurkdom! I sort of can’t believe this works but am prepared to be amazed.

  313. I’m in on this one! Thanks!

  314. Goodie!

  315. Wow, so many entries all ready! Good luck me!

  316. I would love to have this to bring outside when frying stinky food like flounder. My mom already does this using the extra burner on her grill, but our grill doesn’t have one, but this would do the job perfectly!!!

  317. oooh i’d LOVE this! always wanted one, never wanted to spend the $$ ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. I have always wanted an induction oven, and could not afford it,so to have this would be super cool!

  319. oooooh! This sounds great!!

  320. very cool!

  321. pick me; pick me

  322. Hot giveaway!

  323. Looks great! I’d love to give it a try!

  324. Looks cool.

  325. This would be great for summer cooking

  326. I would love to win this!

  327. throw my name in on the list of “I want this!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  328. Ooooh, nice

  329. looks awesome!!

  330. This would be amazing to own!

  331. I want it! Yeah!

  332. love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  333. Ooh, fancy. Thanks, Mir!

  334. I will USE this. In my dream vintage Airstream trailer. Which I don’t yet own.

    But still… be the first step to me reaching my dream, Mir!

  335. If I won this, I would use it often.

  336. I hate my gas stovetop! I would LOVE some nice EVEN electric heat for cooking! I hope the random number generator likes me, this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  337. This is so nice. And we need this, especially during our kitchen reno.

  338. I would LOVE this, and YOU, Mir!

  339. This looks awesome- would love to win!

  340. (said with a Paris Hilton voice): That’s hot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. Oh I would love this!

  342. It’s like the ultimate college hot plate! Do they still let you have those?

  343. Whoa. This would be a great birthday gift for my husband!

  344. It sounds like a great addition to my kitchen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  345. That’s cool….I mean HOT!

  346. Wow, that is awesome! Thanks, Mir!

  347. Me please.

  348. Me and my tiny stove could really use this!

  349. This would be great while we are building our home!

  350. I LOVE heating things evenly!

  351. Me please~

  352. I don’t think I’ve entered this yet- it would be great for my apartment!

  353. How much fun could I have with this?

  354. Oooh, I’d like this.

  355. We’re going camping in May, this would help make it a little more enjoyable for me :).

  356. I can’t wait for the full induction stoves to come down in price. This would be so cool!

  357. Here’s hoping!!!

  358. Yes!

  359. Looks really cool, fun to try!

  360. That is so cool!!!

  361. That would be really cool for canning, as you could cook OUTSIDE and not get the kitchen so hot. I would love to win. Thanks.

  362. Ohhh, we can cook inside our pop-up camper with that!!!!!

  363. Wow…how HOT is this giveaway!!! This would come in so handy at the big picnic my husband and I have every summer.

  364. Very nice!

  365. How did I miss this? We love to camp! Thanks for the reminder!

  366. I sooo want this!

  367. 2nd. time lucky?

  368. Yes please! I would love to win this.

  369. Pick me!!

  370. Neat!

  371. Very cool!!!!

  372. Me please, me please!!!!

  373. I will abandon my hard to clean stove!

  374. What a nifty idea. I’d love this. Thanks!

  375. Portable induction! I would love to win this!

  376. This would be fabulous for traveling!

  377. Love winning!

  378. Ooo, Mr. Random Number Generator, please pick MEEE!

  379. That would be great for canning season.

  380. Love it!!!

  381. Oh my. PLEASE pick my number.

  382. I would like to win this because I really, really need it. Pick this entry, please.

  383. Ooh, how cool! Or hot! Or… whatever. Still looks wonderful, and as it’s breakfast time here I’m suddenly craving eggs.

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