The sooner you shop, the more you save

By Mir
March 31, 2011

The remainder of this week will see savings at Children’s Place, but the deal is that your potential discount goes down, the longer you wait. Sneaky!

So: don’t wait. Shop today and save 25%, using coupon code J6D2011. Tomorrow you’ll only save 20%, and the day after, a mere 15%. But I’m guessing you can find the time to get over there for a quarter off.


  1. Thanks Mir! I’m back in the office full-time now and the kids need WAY more clothes for summer camp than I normally would buy for them. Ten items for $60 shipped ain’t too shabby!

  2. We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow – but I guess looking through summer clothes to see what we need might put me in a better mood.

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