Have a hamster (or two)

By Mir
April 11, 2011

Remember back around Christmas, when Zhu Zhu Pets were all the rage, and your kid absolutely had to have one or he/she would just, I don’t know, explode? Assuming that the toys continue to entertain, you might want to be a hero all over again: Right now Amazon has Kung Zhu and Zhu Zhu Pets 2: The Wild Bunch both for the Nintendo DS, both as limited edition bundles with bonus hamsters, both for just $10 each.

Those would be pretty sweet in Easter baskets, I’m thinking.


  1. Saahhhhweeet deal. Sent it to my co-worker for her daughter. Sadly, my 12yo’s DS just lays around now that he has an iPod Touch. When I think of all the money spent on games, it makes me ill.

  2. Excellent! We have a 4 day road trip coming up this summer (shoot me now!) and I’m stocking up on cheap entertainment.

  3. Zhu Zhu Pets 2 is back up to $24.99 already and it’s not even 8am here. 🙁
    My daughter will likely be getting a DS for her birthday in August, I think I’ll get the Kung Zhu one to put away!

  4. Christina – zhu zhu 2 is still 9.99 if you get the one without the hamster in it.

  5. Thanks Emily….I actually JUST bought my DS a Zhu zhu for Easter, so I am happy about the standard package! YEY

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