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By Mir
April 11, 2011
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If you’ve been ’round here long enough that you’ve ever been a reader in the summer, you know that I get a little crazy with my garden in the summer. That is to say, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I love growing what I can and having fresh tomatoes and green beans and such right in my yard. It just makes me happy. And what makes the happiest is when my kids get into it, too, and I find them eating right out of the planters and looking guilty. Hee.

Just in time for Earth Day, MiniFarmBox is offering a Ready to Grow Kit with everything you need to get started gardening almost anywhere. (No fooling—from the planter box to a custom irrigation system!) Buy before April 22nd, 2011, and it’s just $199 delivered (that’s $50 off), plus you get a bonus one-year subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. Awesome.

Not quite ready to drop that kind of coin, even if it is a great deal? I feel you. How about a chance to win your kid this fun little beginners’ garden kit, instead? It includes everything MiniFarmBox ships with their My First Ever Garden kit, minus the planting box. (Click my photo to see the tote’s contents, but you’ll get: The frog tote bag and mini hand tools, paper pot and seedling maker, MiniFarmBox t-shirt, ladybug moisture meter, kids’ mud gloves, wooden planter markers, and their organic seed collection.) It’s a $50 value, and that’s not even attaching a price to how stinkin’ cute it is.

One lucky Want Not reader will win this loaded tote and immediately overdose on The Adorable. Want to be the one to win it? Of course you do!

First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, April 14th, 2011, telling me your favorite vegetable (either to grow or to eat) for an entry. Winner to be determined by random number generation and beta-carotene content. But really just the random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. Asparagus. Yum!!! And what a great concept.

  2. We have a few mini gardners at our house that would like this! Thanks!

  3. artichoke!

  4. beets! I am a lazy gardener and they require so little effort. Also easy to cook. And pretty, especially chioggia.

  5. I love to eat red peppers. Raw, roasted, sauteed, stuffed. YUM.

  6. I heart broccoli! This kit is super cute.

  7. How totally adorable. My own personal gardening assistant and destructive force of nature, aka Josie, would LOVE it. And for that much cute, I am willing to risk continuing to allow her to “help” me in the garden.

  8. My little man would love this. He keeps asking me to grow him food.

  9. Mushrooms!

  10. Oh, whups, forgot to say what veggie I most like to grow. Peas!!! This year I started seedlings of 3 different kinds of peas.

  11. I have three little ones helping me…this is perfect!

  12. If I win this one, I will actually GARDEN instead of just talking about it!

  13. Only one vegetable? But I love them all! I guess brussels sprouts are probably my very favorite.

    Hmmmmm, maybe if my 5 year old GREW some vegetables, he might actually let one get near his mouth??

  14. how very cute! I would love to give this gift to my favorite little farmer. Hope I win!

  15. That is adorable. My boys would love it!

  16. The day before I went to get my son cut out of my belly, my daughter and I planted some sunflower seeds. We will be replanting seeds today because my brain died and I forgot to put them somewhere they’d get sun and they grew too quickly without any green! She loves digging in the garden with me and I’m looking forward to her being able to play with me when we plant it this year.

  17. My kids would love this!

  18. mmm…. tomatoes? asparagus? cucumbers? lettuce? green beans? gah!

  19. Holy crap that’s cute! And my current favorite vegetable has to be the amazing and glorious poblano pepper. Now, if only my poblano plants do better this summer than last…

  20. Jess would LOVE this! She begs me for a garden every year and I’m such a slacker! We did end up with one cucumber last year. . . .Sad. I know.

  21. Adorable!

  22. Sounds great – definitely growing tomatoes!

  23. Cucumbers. Thanks!

  24. I LOVE green beans!!!

  25. Definitely tomatoes. Both to grow and eat.

  26. Peas!

  27. My fave veg to grow is maters!

  28. My kids didn’t eat veggies until we started to grow them. Their fav is broccoli…they bite it right off the plant! SO FUN!!

  29. My favorite vegetable- if forced to choose just one- is probably asparagus. My 4 yr old declared to me this morning that he wants to be a farmer when he grows up, so I know he would love this!

  30. Beets are gooooooood!

  31. Gotta be tomatoes. Easy to grow and with a salt shaker right in the garden, easy to eat.

  32. The Bee would love this!! Pick me random number generator god!!

  33. Peppers!

    I have twin toddler girls that would love to win this set. They love to help mama in the garden <3

  34. Love cucumbers straight from the garden!

  35. Me please, please, please

  36. I’m best at growing tomatoes, although the spinach outside is giving me hope!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  37. Potatoes. And carrots. And tomatoes. And green beans. And … wait, pick one? Crap. Tomatoes, I guess. Thanks for the chance!

  38. I love tomatoes…freshly picked and still warm from the sun is best!

  39. mmmmm

  40. To grow? Rhubarb. Only because its so easy.

    To eat? Broccoli or maybe tomatoes or just baby lettuce. MMMMMM Now I am hungry again.

    Thanks Mir!

  41. mmmmm tomatoes! Love this!

  42. My kids grow peas in their “kids garden” (actually just a corner of my garden) every summer. Not a single pea has ever made it inside — they eat them right off the vine and dutifully deposit the shells in the compost bin.

    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  43. Broccoli! (my kids’ favorite, too)

  44. My cherry tomatoes would love this kit!

  45. favorite veg: TOMATO
    hope we win this….would be the highlight of the easter basket!

  46. discouraged by my last attempt at a garden(and a bit lazy), can’t name my favorite to grow — previously would’ve been tomatoes. my kids would love i f we won since they’d really like to try again. household favorite to eat: broccoli aka trees!thanks for the contest.

  47. very cute!

  48. My kids have been so into tomatoes this year it would most definitely cheaper to grow than to buy. (and I hear tomatoes are easy to grow, bonus for us beginners). If we win, I will start to grow gardeners!

  49. Peas. Love, love, love them!

  50. Favorite to grow – brocolli. Did you know it just keeps growing and growing?
    Favorite to eat – corn (on the cob). YUM.

  51. We love red and green bell peppers at my house! Yum!

  52. peas!

  53. Too many favorite vegetables to decide, but I really enjoy garden fresh peas.

  54. I have lots of mini-gardeners. Yay for bell peppers!

  55. Love love love me some broccoli with cheese, but nothing like fresh cherry tomatoes from the vine!

  56. I love my starchy carbs, so corn is my favorite to eat.

  57. Spring peas!!!…………..and believe it or not…………!!

  58. To grow: tomatoes and to eat: fresh corn. Wait, are either of those even actually a vegetable?

  59. Adorable! And perfect for my daughter.

  60. Carrots! This would be great to win! We’re just waiting for May to plant!

  61. Gosh, I’m not sure. Lettuce? Potatoes? Onions? Tomatoes-which-are-actually-a-fruit? It’s a toss up.

  62. I wonder if my kids would eat the veggies if they grew them….

  63. Tomatoes. And I have a little gardening friend that would love this.

  64. Favorite to grow – grape tomatoes. Favorite to eat – asparagus. Darned if I know how to grow asparagus, but maybe Jackson and I can learn with these nifty tools.

  65. Snap peas – my favorite!

  66. Yow, what fun! Pick me, please. I believe it may be my turn. 😉

  67. I would LOVE to overdose on the adorable!

  68. Too cute!

  69. Given the amount of baby carrots I eat, I suspect I’ve got one of the highest beta-carotene contents in the list so far 🙂

    This just made me squeee!

  70. Choose one? Tomatoes, maybe, but chard, greenbeans, oh my gosh cucumber fresh from the vine. We love our summer garden irrationally. And anything to get the boy involved is awesome.

  71. I love asparagus, which grows well here, and also cucumbers, which won’t grow in my garden. They start out ok, then turn into balls about the size of golf balls.

  72. I love growing things too. Would love to win this!

  73. Cute!

  74. There is something almost divine about tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from the garden. I’m also a pretty big fan of fresh-picked squash, zucchini, and okra!

  75. I wonder if this would bring out the hidden veggie lover (I know he’s in there somewhere!) in my 2 year old?

  76. cucumbers are the favorites in this house!

  77. Greenbeans!

  78. Hoping to have our first garden this year! We’re extra fond of peppers here – the hotter the better!

  79. mmm…homegrown tomatoes, hands down. nothing can compare to the taste, and they are pretty easy to grow in a 5-gallon bucket.

  80. My 5 year old has decided he wants to start a garden…this would be great!!

  81. tomatoes….love to grow them and then make obscene amounts of salsa which my husband and I eat by the gallon…my kiddos would love this.

  82. Adorable!

  83. Tomatoes

  84. This is so cute! Maybe my kids would be better gardeners than me 🙂

  85. We just started our “little” garden this last weekend.

  86. I love growing cherry tomatoes. My son & I eat ’em like M&Ms right off the vine!

  87. peas!

  88. We love growing lettuce for our salads– yum!!

  89. this would be so great for our kids!

  90. So cute! I would love one just so my three could fight over it. Maybe I would keep it for myself.

  91. My girls would be totally fighting over that. It would probably cost me money in the long run because I’d have to buy an additional set of the “fun” stuff (gloves, tools, etc.) just to keep the peace.

    But I want to win it anyway. 🙂

  92. ME! ME! ME! I love to grow herbs especially! My daughter eats them straight off the plant. Last year I had dill for about a day!

  93. super cute. And I promise not to send it to my mother-in-law. She hates frogs and it would be tempting to send it to HER just to irritate her. My kids love frogs. And I want to make them happy more than I want to irritate that woman. It’s close, though.

  94. OOO! My kiddos would LOVE this since we living in the city!

  95. Green peppers

  96. how cute!!

  97. I love to grow veggies & get the kids involved!

  98. Love it. 🙂

  99. If I had this, I could put the little ones to work to grow vegetables for ME.

  100. SO cute! My fave is tomatoes. Unless you’re considering that a fruit. Then for the purposes of the contest I’d have to say lettuce. Delicious heirloom lettuces.

  101. Okay, I commented earlier (E98) but forgot to mention my favorite vegetable. It’s cherry or grape tomatoes fresh off the plant.

  102. artichoke. They are a bit time consuming to eat but that makes the love last that much longer.

  103. Cucumbers taste and look like summer!

  104. So cute! I love peas.

  105. my niece is still a little small for this – but OH MY GOSH – it can be saved until she’s big enough!
    how stinkin’ cute!!

  106. pencil thin asparagus, steamed, yum!

  107. Sweet peppers. And right now they are the only seedlings that aren’t coming up!

  108. Since a tomato isn’t a vegetable, asparagus. I have a pasta recipe using asparagus that everyone in my family, including the asparagus hater, will eat.

  109. green peppers!

  110. This is so cute! We love cucumbers and tomatoes!

  111. What a cute idea!! And what a great way to get people hooked on gardening early!

  112. Green beans. 🙂

  113. my favorite thing to grow is parsley because our dogs LOVE it! It’s fun to watch even the dogs enjoy the garden!

  114. I Iove brussel sprouts, especially when they’ve been roasted, mm!

  115. Oh man, I have to pick ONE favorite vegetable? There are so many good ones! I guess my favorite is fresh corn on the cob, but it’s only winning by a nose (and possibly only because I haven’t had any since last summer!)

  116. We love fresh green beans & have never gardened. Take a chance on us!

  117. Brussels sprouts are my favorite, but I’m the only one in my household that eats them. Perhaps if I grow my own, I will enjoy them even more!

  118. My current favorite is asparagus, That garden kit is too cute!

  119. That is so cute! My little gardener would love it!

  120. Squeezing in under the wire. I’d definitely say tomatoes. From my garden, of course.

  121. I love carrots!!!

  122. thats too cute.

  123. My new favorite vegetable to eat is Brussels sprouts, I’d never even eaten them before last Thanksgiving, and I am a child of the 70s, so I’ve been around a bit.
    I am going to try growing them this year, as well.

  124. Fresh peas!

  125. I love cucumbers. YUM!

  126. Tomatoes..and watching my three year old pick them off the vine and eat them himself!

  127. We love carrots! Both to eat and to grow. The kids love to watch the swallowtail butterflies land on the tops and then to look and watch the plump hungry little caterpillers.

  128. Artichokes

  129. Carrots!

  130. Tomatoes!

  131. I love tomatoes!

  132. Cute! I’m going to go with spinach as my favorite to eat.

  133. Tomatoes!

  134. Butternut Squash!! Maybe if we win my daughter and I will try to grow our own!

  135. tomatoes, I still have no idea if they are fruits or veggies and I don’t care.

  136. Tomatoes. Totally tomatoes. (Yes, fruit, whatever, blah blah. Don’t be that person.)

  137. The moisture meter is adorable!

    I love/ hate squash & zucchini. But I really love growing potatoes.

  138. Superfresh tomatoes….

  139. yes please

  140. Ooooohhhh… my daughters would love this.

  141. Ahhh… hit submit too soon. It was supposed to say “oooooohhhh… my daughters would love this. And I would love to plant BEETS!!!

  142. I love growing tomatoes. I don’t really like to eat them, just grow them.

  143. I love it!

  144. Beets! My daughter would love this.

  145. Can’t even say how much I want this!

  146. We love all varieties of cucumbers!

  147. I was going to say tomatoes, but I think maybe that’s a fruit? Then I’ll have to say corn! Maybe that doesn’t count because it’s so starchy? I guess I’ll with brocolli!

  148. love me some corn!

  149. favorite vegetable… cucumber! (or bumbumber as my 1-year-old likes to say)

  150. Green beans

  151. I’m entering for my daughter so I’ll tell you her favorite vegetable: she loves to eat snap peas right off the vine.

  152. I would have to say that broccoli is my favorite vegetable. It’s my daughter’s favorite, too. She would love to have one of these!

  153. My four-year-old would say that broccoli is his favorite, but I’m going to have to go with cucumbers… that you then make into pickles! Yummy.

  154. We love adorable.

  155. Brussels Sprouts are my favorite veg. I know. I’m weird.

  156. (addendum to comment #110) — I just planted some brussels sprouts.. because I love the way they look on the stalk. Favorite veg? Tomatoes.

  157. Mmm, tomatoes are my favorite. Thanks, Mir!

  158. Tomatoes!!

  159. My daughter is very interested in growing food in our garden this year — would love to win this for her!

  160. I have a black thumb…maybe this would turn it green??

  161. That’s adorable. For my favorite vegetable, I’ll go with cucumbers. Mom cucumber kimchee…

  162. Think I will go with snap peas as my favorite fresh veggie.

  163. My daughter would LOVE this!

  164. Asparagus! We would have such fun with this. My boys want to grow their own pumpkins for Halloween this year!

  165. Squash

  166. Love the summer, fresh veggies and fruits, Aaaahhhh. My favorite is tomatoes and my least is beets. This looks like fun.

  167. tomatoes! thanks Mir!

  168. Broccoli!

  169. Broccoli 🙂

  170. Tomatoes!!

  171. I need this! My favorite is tomatoes.

  172. Zucchini!! Especially grilled.

  173. I’m going to be crazy and say garlic scapes. Short season, but they make the best pesto ever!

  174. Geez, that’s cute! Oh, and green beans.

  175. Tomatoes…luckily I live in New Jersey!

  176. How cute!

  177. Beets are my absolute favorite vegetable. Mmmmmmmm.

  178. Brandywine tomatoes are sooo good….but also love fresh peas!

  179. Red peppers… with hummus!

  180. Cute, cute, cute! The kids will love it! My fave is asparagus!

  181. So adorable!!!

  182. Is there anything better than the smell of a garden fresh tomato? Love, love, love them!

  183. Cucumbers are an all around fav!

  184. My boys would love this!

  185. Oh my little dirt digger’s birthday is coming up!

  186. We are building our first ever container garden this summer for my daughter. She is 2 and loves her veggies, broccoli is her current fave! She would love this little kit.

  187. Tomatoes. (yes, I know, not really a vegetable, but still). Can’t get enough of them in the summer.

  188. Red peppers!

  189. Carrots are magical!

  190. I like lots of veggies! Hard to pick a favorite. Cucumbers are fun to grow and eat. But tomatoes fresh from the garden, warm from the sun can’t be beat. I’ll have to go w/ tomatoes…..but wait aren’t they classed as a fruit? Sigh!

  191. zucchini, so I can make cherry zucchini bread (see tasty kitchen – so delicious!)

  192. Cucumbers!!!

  193. Super cute! Broccoli!!!

  194. Spinach…fresh baby spinach. My daughters would love this!

  195. This would be great! I’m all about swiss chard these days!

  196. My favorite vegetable to grow and to eat – it’s a toss-up, but I’m going to go with tomatoes. I plant several kinds. Some are for immediate eating on BLTs and salads. Some are pulp tomatoes, best for making and canning sauces and salsa and soup. The cherry tomatoes that make it in the house (and don’t get eaten on the way in) go in stews, salads, or in the freezer so i can add them to stews and soups in the middle of winter!

    Anyway, I’d love to win this. My niece needs it. She’s totally adorable.

  197. What an exciting prize! We plant a garden with our little ones every year. This year, we have planted tomatos, cucumbers, radish, and peppers. My favorite one to eat is asparagus. Haven’t yet tried to grow it — it takes 2 years.

  198. This is so perfect. My 6 year old was just asking me about planting stuff….

  199. My daughter is already quite the gardener and I’m sure she’d LOVE this!!! She loves to dig in the dirt and help us plant the veggie garden. 🙂

  200. Tomatoes! To grow and to eat!

  201. Favorite veggie to eat- asparagus. Never grew it myself.

  202. Sure!

  203. I think tomatoes barely edge out cucumbers both to grow and eat, but probably only because tomatoes grow better for me. And my kids love gardening, so this would be awesome for them!

  204. my favorite is the tomato!

  205. Broccoli!

  206. Cayenne peppers!

  207. Tomatoes. Yum, yum, yum. I could live off fresh tomatoes.

  208. Oh man…a hard question, but I’d have to say…carrots. Or corn. Or green beans. Or cucumbers. Or zucchini.

    I’d LOVE to win this! My husband and I are hoping to start a veggie garden in our (NEW TO US!) back yard this summer…

    Fingers crossed…

  209. My favorite vegie is asparagus, although avacados would be my first choice if they weren’t a fruit. (They are a fruit, right!?!?)

    I have a little girl who is turning 5 this month who would love this gardening set! 🙂 Thanks!

  210. mmmmmmmm… tomatoes! Great prize!

  211. We like to grow tomatoes & peppers in summer & greens in the winter. My daughter would love this!!

  212. Cherokee Purple tomatoes — to grow and to eat

  213. We love asparagus around here!!!

  214. Cherry tomatoes are soooo fun to grow and eat, thanks for this super-fun contest! 🙂

  215. heirloom tomatoes.

  216. Zucchini!

  217. I love Squash and Zuchinni

  218. Asparagus!

  219. Favorite vegetable to grow: zucchini.

  220. Carrots, Tomatoes and Green Beans, Oh My!

  221. ooooooh fun! we like to grow tomatoes

  222. I love fresh green beans! My kids would be thrilled to win this!

  223. peas! 🙂

  224. We grow cherry tomatoes by the boatload in the summer and they hardly ever make it inside since the kids (and I!) always eat them off the plant while playing in the backyard.

  225. Too cute!!

  226. Green beans! Yum!

    And thanks! 🙂

  227. Tomatoes fresh from the garden. My niece eats them like apples.

  228. Peas- not because I love them so much, but because they are a veggie my kids will eat straight from the garden. They get my love just for that reason! Thanks!

  229. My current favorite veggie is Bok Choy. Thank for the giveaway.

  230. I love growing carrots! And it’s one my kids will eat.

  231. Sugar snap peas! oh, yummy. Not cooked, just fresh out of the garden!

  232. Basil! I need lots for the buckets of pesto I want to make.

  233. Hands down, my favorite veggie is corn. Yum!

  234. Mmmm… nothin like homegrown tomatoes to make some yummy tomato sandwiches!!

  235. I think peas. I don’t like any peas that aren’t homegrown. Or green beans. Do I have to pick just one? Then…um…carrots. Definitely carrots.

  236. GREAT Giveaway. Thanks again Mir

  237. pumpkin

  238. tomatoes and squash. Love to grow and eat them!

  239. Mmmmm … cucumber.

  240. Fresh tomatoes for BLTs!

  241. Tomato… Does that count or is it technically a fruit? This would be perfect for my 4 year old, she loved to garden with Daddy.

  242. Would love to grow some squash.

  243. Super cute!! I’m entering for my 3 year old grandson who loves ALL veggies–but probably tomatoes the most. Mine would have to be cucumbers. Thanks for another chance to win a great prize!

  244. Yes, there is still snow on my garden, but I can see the peas growing there as I look out my kitchen window and dream of June. This year I hope I can keep those pesky varmints out! The two foot tall, two legged kind. Maybe winning this would help.

  245. would love tomatoes

  246. Basil. Can’t plant enough of it!

  247. What an awesome prize!
    My favourite vegetable is grape tomaotes grown in our little garden in the backyard.

  248. So cute!

  249. hope I win..!

  250. I wanna win, please.

  251. I would like to win. Please pick my number!!!

  252. I have two aspiring gardeners here!

  253. Tomatoes, I love to watch them turn colors. I like when things are obviously ripe.

  254. green beans are my favorite to grow and eat. My little one would LOVE this kit!

  255. Love the “uber” description…perfect idea for Auntie N and little Ms. O.

  256. About missed my chance!

  257. Love it! I like growing AND eating fresh tomatoes and zucchini, mostly because they grow like crazy and taste so much better fresh from my own garden!

  258. Asparagus. My kids would love this.

  259. So cute!

  260. Just now saw this.47 more minutes to enter. Last minute entry will win. Watch and see 🙂

  261. Sweet corn. On the cob, preferably.

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