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By Mir
April 12, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We have almost completely converted over to rechargeable batteries, ’round here, but there are still times when alkaline will do. Plus, when the kids were smaller, I often opted for disposable batteries in their objects rather than to risk my precious (read: more expensive!) lithiums being lost in the toy box.

If you use alkalines, here’s a fantastic deal: Amazon currently has a 20-pack of Duracell AA batteries for just $9.34 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save. But scroll down the product page a little before you buy—there’s a coupon for an additional $1.50 off! Just click the “Clip this coupon” button to add it to your cart, then buy via S&S. End result: 20 AA batteries for $7.84 shipped, or just under $.40/battery.


  1. don’t see the additional coupon; am I missing something?

  2. Wow. Thanks Mir!

    Anna, it looks like the clip part is just under the product description.

  3. the coupon seems to be gone now

  4. I couldn’t get the coupon to work. Then I reloaded the page and the coupon was gone. Amazon exists to keep us on our toes.

  5. Try revisiting Mir’s link again and clip the coupon FIRST. I saw it disappear too, but viewing the page again from Mir’s link worked like a charm. The 28 count, plus coupon, plus S&S discount, is a great deal — better than we can get at BJs, and free shipping via Prime (again thanks to Mir and Amazon Mom).

  6. I just did and it and it worked! Thanks Mir!

  7. I’ve never been able to use the clip coupon function. EVER. It’d be nice, but even without the coupon I think they are a great deal.

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