Shari’s Berries: Chocolate-covered deliciousness

By Mir
April 18, 2011
Category Contests

I get a lot of product offers. Most things I am offered I say “no thanks” to, because I don’t really want (and don’t think you want) most of the items I’m so generously approached about. However, when the nice folks from Shari’s Berries offered to let me check out some of their products and then do a giveaway for all of you, I decided it was time to say “yes.” You know, for you.

After perusing every possible available permutation of chocolate dipped strawberries in their collection, I opted for the sweet cherries and half-dozen fancy strawberries, just in time for a little celebration of my daughter’s birthday while my parents were visiting. We opened up the box that night to find our treats looked surprisingly like the product pictures on the website. What’s more, the strawberries were humongous. Being the optimistic sort that I am (ahem…), I immediately went for the cherries, figuring the strawberries were probably tasteless. (We’ve all done that, right? Bought the huge strawberries that end up tasting like nothing?)

Well, the cherries were delicious—sweet and juicy, and covered with a generous chocolate shell—but as my family raved about the strawberries I decided I had to try one of those, too, just for research purposes. I cannot tell you where those strawberries came from or how they made them that huge and sweet, but they were amazing, as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to give these as a gift, because although they’re more money than I would probably spend on myself, they really are a wonderfully decadent treat.

And that’s where you come in. Maybe you’ve been thinking about… oh, I don’t know… some chocolate strawberries for Mother’s Day? One lucky Want Not reader is going to win a $50 certificate to Shari’s Berries this week! All you have to do is review the contest rules and regulations, then check out Shari’s Berries on Facebook and give ’em a thumbs up, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, April 21st, 2011 for a chance to win. I’ll pick the winner via number generation and who I think will be most likely to share their berries with me. (Kidding! Really just the number thing.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Yum! Sounds great. I won’t pass up a chance to try chocolates.

  2. Oh my yes!!!

  3. Yummy yum OHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  4. The question is, Who DOESN’T want $50 for Shari’s Berries!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Chocolate + berries = deliciousness.

  6. oh please number generator, please please pick me!

  7. I think I need some of these!!

  8. OMG! I want some!!!!!

  9. Me me me!!! YUMMY!!!

  10. Looks good!

  11. My husband would LOVE these.

  12. Yum, chocolate-covered fruit! Yay!

  13. Yum, that would make an awesome gift! Hope I get picked!

  14. He’s not a mother, but my husband would so love these!

  15. yep! I want this one!

  16. Mmmmmmm. Chocolate!

  17. My Mother-in-law sent these to the “kids” for Valentine’s day. I had to use the quotes because I may have (over)indulged in them… Would love to get these for me and I promise I would share. Pinkie swear.

  18. yum!

  19. I have fingers crossed on both hands hoping the number generator picks me.

  20. YUMMO!

  21. This would be perfection!!

  22. Ooooh, pick me, pick me! (I’m talking to your random number generator) 😀

  23. Holy crow those look amazing.

  24. I may or may not share these. Hard to say, really.

  25. Ooh, I have no luck, but would love to win! They strawberries looks scrumptious!

  26. OMG – those look delicious!!!!

  27. A dear friend sent me Shari’s Berries for my birthday last year. They were absolutely gorgeous and equally delicious. It would be awesome to win this & treat myself to these incredible berries again!!

  28. Yes. Please.

  29. nice! this would go straight to my mom for mother’s day, and also therefore not on my hips

  30. Delicious!!!

  31. What a tasty treat!

  32. delightful!

  33. Those look delicious!

  34. Yum!

  35. Wow, those look AWESOME!

  36. Please please please for once pick me!

  37. Done! Pick me, please!

  38. I will TOTALLY share with your prettiness.

  39. Oooh… Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  40. Wow, those look so yummy and my mom loves strawberries.

  41. Sounds yummy!

  42. yum!

  43. Thank you!

  44. Wow! A new FB twist. Looks delish though!

  45. This looks like a gift for my mother! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. yummmmmmmmmmm

  47. oh, yum!

  48. I totally would have gone for the cherries first too 🙂

  49. If you fly me to Georgia, or wherever it is you live, I will share. : )

  50. If they could deliver them in the next hour, I’d be ordering some now! I suppose I’ll wait to see if I win, but if not…watch out!

  51. Yummy!

  52. Yummo!

  53. love chocolate!

  54. I have always wanted to taste something from Shari’s Berries but I am not willing to spend the money on me. If I win I will use this for me…. my own mother’s day gift.

  55. OOHH I Love Chocolate covered strawberries!

  56. Um, yum.

  57. They look wonderful!

  58. I always drool over their pictures… now I’d like to actually taste them.

  59. OMG….. Delicious!!!!!

  60. Yummo!

  61. Oh please pick me, this will give me a good reason to eat fruit!

  62. Yummmmm

  63. Yum and yes please please pretty please.

  64. Nom nom nommy NOM! Yes, me please!

  65. I’m not on Facebook, so I’m giving them a mental thumbs up- does that count?

  66. Oh my goodness, do those look good!!!!! Boy am I hoping I win this one!!!! (And if I don’t, I hope I can still get them 20% off for liking them on Facebook!)

  67. And done! *fingers crossed*

  68. I don’t have a FB account; can I enter anyway? If not, then good luck to the rest of you!


  70. mmmm… chocolate covered berries.

  71. I would love to win this. I don’t need them, but I “want” them. LOL

  72. OOh! Yummy!

  73. Ooohhh! Berry nice!!!

  74. Those look fantastic! They’ve gotten a FB thumbs up from me!

  75. Oh I’ll share with you!! Digitally anyway! Yum!

  76. YUM!

  77. The strawberries look delicious!

  78. I love chocolate dipped cherries!

  79. I asked my husband for these berries as a present when I had our first son (I had hyperemesis and couldn’t eat much while pregnant and I wanted to just stuff my face with these things when I could eat again)- that was almost 7 years ago and I still haven’t received them. Le sigh.

  80. What a great give-away! My husband says, “You aren’t MY mom.” So maybe I will give them to myself for mother’s day.

  81. you, me, chocolate. it’s like the Trinity or something. 🙂

  82. I don’t FB, but can I still enter the contest? Pretty please, with chocolate covered strawberries on top??

  83. We would LOVE these….if we don’t win, will you have a little promo code for us????

  84. 50/50 – I pinky swear to share!

  85. oh…theses are soooo pretty !!

  86. Mmmmmmmm.

  87. My fav!

  88. would love some

  89. Come on, Random Generator…you must be kind to me.

  90. This looks delicious!!! YUUUUMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!

  91. Oh Mr. Number Generator….I’ll be your bestest friend….LOL

  92. My mom LOVES Shari’s Berries, she would be the happiest mom in the land on Mother’s Day!

  93. yum yum yum!

  94. Yummy!!

  95. Oooohhh… that sounds fabulous!

  96. strawberries dipped in chocolate, heaven!

  97. Me please – oh pretty please :>}

  98. Me!

  99. Lady Luck be on my side!!!

  100. YUM!

  101. Yuuuuuuummmmmmm…..

  102. These look delicious. I’m definitely giving these as a gift for Mother’s Day. After all, I am the mother! I’m not on Facebook (can you believe it!?) Do I still get a chance to win? 🙂

  103. looks divine!

  104. Nom * nom!!

  105. Must resist urge to lick screen!

  106. Yum! They look fabulous.

  107. Shari’s Berries is now my FB friend. I really REALLY like chocolate covered strawberries. But, I will share. Because you’re pretty.

  108. YUMMMMY

  109. i’m thinking it would be ok to give them to ME for Mother’s Day. . . should I win.

  110. Mmmmmm, sounds delicious!

  111. Fruity chocolate! YUUUUMMMM!

  112. Mouth watering goodness (at least in the picture!).

  113. Sweet! I liked them on FB.

  114. MMMMMM! My Favorite!

  115. Oooh!!! Pick me! Pick me! And I promise to at least *think* about sharing them with my daughters 😀

  116. I LOVE these! Also, it’s been a rough week here and I could totally do some serious emotional eating.

  117. Yum! I liked ’em on Facebook!

  118. I’ve been eyeing Shari’s Berries for a while now, and this would be awesome. Just in time for my birthday, mother’s day and my mom’s birthday. Thank you!

  119. Yum!!!! Pick me! I “liked” them on FB.

  120. My whole family would LOVE these – if I decide to share!!

  121. Looks so yummy!

  122. With a brand new master bath just being finished what a nice little sweetie for a nice steamy bubble bath!

  123. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  124. So pretty! So yummy looking! I too will not pass a chance to try to win some berries!!

  125. Those look fabulous! I just liked them on Facebook.

  126. Would love to give some of these for a gift for an upcoming birthday.

  127. I’ll be honest…I won’t share. But pick me!

  128. I missed out on Mother’s day so this would be great for this Mother’s day!!

  129. These look amazingly delicious!

  130. Wow – you could so talk me into the fact that they must be good for me, too, since they are fruit! I want!

  131. We’d love this…yummy!

  132. ooh! Me! me, me, me, me, me! please randomly choose me!

  133. Way yum!

  134. YUM, I’d love some strawberries!


  136. Yummy please!

  137. I have sent these as gifts, but never to myself!!

  138. Yum! I am now craving chocolate!

  139. Thanks, Mir!

  140. Yum! I love strawberries and chocolate just makes them better!

  141. This would be great!

  142. I’ve been wanting to try these!!!

  143. Wow! I want this so bad!

  144. Drooling. Please pick my number.

  145. This will be the best ever!

  146. OK, I am really hungry now!

  147. yumyumyumyum!

  148. Two words: Dee Lish!

  149. Delicious! I’d make my own, but they’ll never look that good.

  150. You know I would share with you! We could get our hair done and eat chocolates!

  151. I just ordered some for mom for Mothers day!!

  152. They look very tasty!

  153. Yummy!

  154. These sound great.

    Thanks, Mir!

  155. I am about to drool on my keyboard. They look sooooo good.

  156. How could anything be bad if it’s covered in chocolate? What a lovely treat!

  157. Yum!!!!

  158. Looks fantastic!

  159. I Love Sherri’s Strawberries.

  160. They sure do look good~

  161. I LOVE Sheri’s Berries!!!

  162. Yummmmm! Pick me!! 🙂

  163. These sound good enough to eat!

  164. They look delicious and I am ordering some anyway – I’ll find an occasion to share them with others.

  165. mmmmm. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!

  166. OMG those look awesome. Yes, please.

  167. Would love to try these!

  168. It is so MY turn to win! Please……

  169. Those look wonderful! Sign me up.

  170. Hey–pick this number. I want them. LOL

  171. Looks yummy! I liked them on FB – so please pick me!

  172. Mmmmmmm…

  173. Yum!

    You’re so so so pretty Mir!

  174. I love chocolate!!!

  175. You twisted my arm to leave a comment for this give-away. The berries and other items on the website look yummy

    Thank Mir.

  176. yum… I love chocolate strawberries.

  177. Oh, that would be heaven to my mouth!

  178. sounds yummy

  179. I have wanted to try these too!

  180. Yum!@!!!!

  181. These sound delicious. YES! YES! YES!

  182. yummy…

  183. What a nice treat this would be after giving up desserts for Lent!

  184. Their products looksdelicious. Thanks! I’d never head of them

  185. Strawberries and chocolate could go a long way toward smoothing a MIL relationship!

  186. The best giveaway yet! 🙂

  187. I’d share!

  188. You had me at chocolate!

  189. Oooh La la I love chocolate covered strawberries Part of the 2 food groups!!! 🙂

  190. so so awesome!

  191. The berries ARE humongous AND delicious!

  192. Wow – sounds fantastic! Thanks!

  193. Yummmmm!

  194. I always bring dessert for Mother’s Day dinner and these would be perfect 🙂

  195. Sounds delicious! 🙂

  196. If you come to Tucson, I will give you one berry. Otherwise, I’m not sharing. Good thing winning isn’t really dependent on that 🙂

  197. Berries and chocolate, oh my!

  198. Yum – my kids would go nuts for those!

  199. Your description made my mouth water! Yum! I’d love it!

  200. OMG! I want I want I want. I promise to share with my mom!

  201. maybe i’ll win this one since i’m trying to diet!

  202. Yumm!! I gave up chocolate for lent… But lent is almost over!! 🙂

  203. Yum! I would love to send these to my mom!

  204. Yummy Yummy!

  205. Oh, I hope I win… especially because that’s my name, too.

  206. Yum yum!!!

  207. just bought a bunch of high fructose corn syrup laden total junk for the kids’ Easter baskets. Now something yum for me?

  208. Yes please. 

  209. Me, Me – choose me – I love strawberries and chocolate!

  210. Two words…YUM – O. OK, maybe one…I don’t know.

  211. Yum! I want to win!

  212. Oh pretty please, pick me!

  213. Luckily my daughter doesn’t like fancy treats yet!

  214. Even though I never win contest I thought that this one would be absolutely scrumptious if I won it. Anyway, here I am! Yay!

  215. Yes please!!

  216. Woo hoooooooo!

  217. Pick me! Please!

  218. Yummy! I want!

  219. Jumping up and down and waving (to burn off the calories I am hoping to consume 🙂 Pick me!

  220. I LOVE berries & chocolate!!

  221. My mom would love these for Mother’s Day. 🙂

  222. Yum!!!!

  223. Yep, yum!

  224. I think I would be willing to break my general rule of not eating fruit and chocolate together. You know, just this once.

  225. This one looks soooo good!!

  226. Looks delish!

  227. I would love to try them!

  228. yum!

  229. Oh my yumminess! I could really use some Shari’s Berries, especially after the way my week has gone! I might even consider sharing 🙂

  230. Shari berries look so yummy and fresh….:)….Delesh

  231. Can I still enter if I’m not on FB?

  232. I would love to try these!

  233. I’ve seen these before, but have never tried them. Me want!

  234. Yum, would love these!

  235. This would be super-delicious!

  236. Oh yummmm!!!

  237. mmmm… love berries… love chocolate!

  238. Yummy!

  239. Pick me please!

  240. coulda, woulda, better do it.

  241. Some trivia for you: Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside. There! Now this has been an educational experience.

  242. Those sound delicious!

  243. I’ve always wanted to try these… Sounds delicious!!

  244. These look delicious!! Pick me please!

  245. Looks so good. Mother’s Day is soon.

  246. I’m on a diet…. but fruit is good for you, right?

  247. Wow these look so yummy!

  248. Love them!

  249. Oh goodness! Those look so so amazing right now!!!!!!!!

  250. Want!!!

  251. YUM!

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