Today’s a good day for tea-lovers to Rue La La

By Mir
April 25, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So, remember when I sent you to sign up for Rue La La so that you could get $20 of free credit? If you’re a tea geek, today may just be the day to go redeem your credit—they’ve got an entire section of Tea Forte offerings at a discount, many under $20.

Fancy teas are one of my favorite gifts to give, probably because it’s one of my favorite gifts to get, but the sort of thing I rarely spend the money on for myself. To be able to grab a fancy set on the cheap like this? Well, I might be tempted to just keep it for myself. Just sayin’.


  1. Get the quality tea and brew it three times. The taste is wonderful and it really cuts the price. This will not work well with low-end teas. The higher the quality (this does not always mean the highest, fancy brand price), the better this works. My best tea ends up costing the same or less than a lower quality brand when I can make it last 3 times as long.

  2. I did it, signed up AND bought tea. You are such a bad influence.

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