Every little kid should have a red trike

By Mir
April 27, 2011

Thanks to alert (and pretty) Want Not reader Jen for pointing out that Amazon has this adorable retro red tricycle available right now for just $26 shipped ($19.99 + $5.99 shipping, or buy more than one and get free shipping). That’s a great deal on a Kettler, plus look at it. It’s perfect! It even has a bell!

And yes, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes—according to the “More Buying Choices” column, you could, instead, pay $75 for the same bike from Right Start. But I’m sure the bell on that one is coated in platinum, or something.


  1. You are killin’ me with these deals! I have picked up quite a few this week. Now on to buy… 2 bikes?! The kids need them and I was waiting for yard sale season, but this may beat it! 2 new trikes for $40 shipped? I think yes.

  2. Wow! I was looking for one of these around Christmas (but my son can actually use it now!) I just wish I wouldn’t have hurried just now. I was worried they’d sell out so I purchased quickly without thinking buying an extra for a gift would have been MUCH smarter. oh well..

  3. Wow, thanks, Mir!

  4. I was too late. They have it listed at $59.99 now.

  5. Gone. 🙁 That’s what I get for going out for lunch.

  6. So sad. My order was cancelled. I need to stop getting my hopes up with these almost-too-good-to-be-true deals. 🙁 Oh well… still glad I tried!

  7. My order was cancelled, too. Rats. That sure would’ve been a sweet deal!

  8. They cancelled my order, too. I wonder if this was a pricing error (they claim it wasn’t). Did anyone get this deal?

    Back to searching for tricycles for my 3 toddlers….

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