Friday deals

By Mir
April 29, 2011

Good morning! The sun in shining, and I hear someone got married this morning. Which is an excellent excuse to consider a little shopping, right? Right!

The Amazon Friday Sale continues to be mostly coffee. I am not sure exactly how much coffee Amazon thinks we drink, but the answer appears to be “all of it.” But don’t worry—if you’re not a coffee drinker, they also have a ton of tea on sale. And if you’re not thirsty, don’t forget that this month’s selection of $5 MP3 albums is only available for a couple more days. Get your tunes before the price goes back up!

If you’d like to be Queen (or King) for the day, go shop at Banana Republic; coupon code BRKING30 will take 30% off your purchase today and tomorrow (2 days!), proving that even royalty are sometimes not good at math. is having an 80% off “garage sale” today; I tried to resist, I really did, but c’mon. 80% off? I’m only human.

Over in the Target Daily Deals, they’ve got some basic underwire bras available for 2 for $10 (buy one, get one free). They’re not the most exciting things I’ve ever seen, but $5 is hard to beat.

It looks like today’s special at Graveyard Mall is a 2-pack of cordless grinders (think Dremel, though I’m guessing this is a no-name brand) for $16 shipped. Hard to go wrong at that price point, even if they don’t last forever.

Also keep in mind that most (maybe all, but I’m too lazy to check…) of the Friends & Family deals I posted over the last couple of days are still going on. So there’s plenty of places to get a bargain today, if you’re so inclined.


  1. Those Target bras are great. I have had a few for years, and they hold up in the wash and everything. The Gilligan and O’Malley brand got great reviews on Consumer Reports a couple years back, too. (Do not ask how I know this.)

    OK, done waxing poetic about Target bras.

  2. amazing! I’m in dire need of new bras. I looked last night to see what kind of sales you listed for macys/pennys/kohls…I decided that I didn’t want to buy a bra online. But this sale is too good to pass up! Thanks so much

  3. Mir–are you all okay after the crapstorm? We’re in Birmingham and fine, but it’s bad around us–horrendous in fact. Have friends in Kennasaw (sp?) who said it was headed that way. When you have a moment (hahahahahaha) let me know.

    I need you, Mir. And 6 p.m. shoes. But mostly you.


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