Just in time for Mother’s Day!

By Mir
May 3, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did you notice the barrage of Mother’s Day-themed commercials on TV this weekend and turn to your husband and say, “Wow, they sure are getting started early this year! Mother’s Day isn’t for, like, a month!”? And then your husband looked at you sadly, because you are cute, but not terribly observant? … oh. Just me, then? Nevermind.

Um, Mother’s Day is this weekend. (Just in case you didn’t know.) (But I totally did. Uh huh.) Here’s a tip—right now you can grab up a discount dining certificate or three at Restaurant.com and use discount coupon code MOM to make it a very timely deal. First, you’ll get 80% off their already discounted price, and will walk away with a $25 dining certificate for just $2. Second, each order will come with a unique $15 discount code to use at ProFlowers, just in time for that special gift you may or may not have almost forgotten.

Hey, I don’t judge.


  1. Just sent this link to my dad and husband. If the date caught up with me I know it’ll have caught them off guard!

  2. Great deal…and timely! Thanks for the help!

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