Everything goes with blue jeans

By Mir
May 4, 2011

I used to say I started working from home so that I could wear jeans all the time, but then it turned out that my standard of “dressed” has dropped over the years. Now I wear blue jeans to dress up! Because most of the time I’m in my pajamas, or yoga pants. Jeans mean I’m actually leaving the house.

Even though my standards are terrible, chances are you—like me—recognize the timeless comfort and cool of Levi’s, because they’re pretty much the original name when it comes to jeans. And this is the right time to shop them: Through the end of this week, many styles are up to 50% off in their Spring Sale, plus you can apply coupon code EXTRA25 to take another 25% off, on top of that. Sign up for their email list and they’ll give you free shipping, too.

If there’s a better excuse to shop for the whole family, I can’t think of one.


  1. It appears I can’t have free shipping and the extra25, just fyi.

  2. Thank you for making me feel better about my daily wardrobe. My husband gives me trouble about still being in workout pants at dinner time. Geez, if I don’t leave the house, why do I hafta put non-comfy pants on?

    Alright, off to check out the sale. My children at least should look put together.

  3. It’s sad how if I put on a piece of jewelry and a shirt that is NOT a tee or sweatshirt, my daughter starts whining “Why do you hafta dress up so fancy?”

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