They lied about the babies

By Mir
May 9, 2011

I got an email from Amazon, letting me know that today is Bargain Baby Monday. I was pretty excited, because as you know, my kids are fairly rotten and sometimes I’m tempted to start over again with a fresh, new baby; but of course I’d have to find one on sale.

They do not have a single baby for sale today. False advertising, Amazon!

If you already have a baby, though, there seems to be a fairly good selection of markdowns, plus if you scroll all the way down that landing page, there’s a bunch of baby-related coupons (note: still not good towards actual infants), too. So I guess that could be useful.


  1. Ehhh new babies are all, ‘feed me, bathe me, love me.’ Totally overrated.

  2. LOL!!! You are pretty, AND funny, Mir! Thanks for the good chuckle this morning!

  3. MY favorite thing about new babies these days is that I get to give them back when they cry! Now I know why the grandbabies seem so fun to my parents…

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