Jump for joy

By Mir
May 16, 2011

We don’t own a trampoline, because I am a giant meanie with two rather klutzy children, and when I look at trampolines all I see are broken bones. But it’s possible that you are both 1) nicer than me and 2) less neurotic than me, in which case, please, feel free to avail yourself of a great trampoline deal.

Why, today’s Deal of the Day at Sears is a 12′ trampoline and enclosure for just $190—that’s $160 off the regular price.

Use coupon code SEARS2011 for another $5 off (every little bit helps!), and opt for store pick-up if you don’t want to pay for shipping.

And then please tell your kids to be careful. (And, um, don’t send me hate mail if someone gets hurt. I’m sure I’m just being neurotic.)


  1. I’m a big meanie too. We just have a little 4 foot one, that’s only a foot off the ground.

    Also want to be annoying and remind people you should actually check your homeowner’s insurance policies before buying one. Some will not cover trampolines, and some companies will even drop you if they find out you have one.

  2. Ha, my daughter’s been asking for one since she could talk, and she has the energy for it . . but I (having a background in insurance) still can’t believe that these are even legal to sell. I even met a girl who broke both legs just jumping on the thing (it bounced back up as she was bouncing down, legs stiff and just at the wrong angle, I guess), And of course, I’ve watched too many trampoline incidents on AFV!

  3. Tempted, since we’re re-selling the little tykes house they don’t play in for almost that much. And also because we’ve already met our hospital deductible for the year. Sigh. BUT, don’t these things come in threes? And so I shall pass. (And we shall never mention this to the kiddos.)

  4. Wow… my kidlet would be on cloud 9! But we don’t really have the space right now – our yard is unfenced and neighborhood children and teens would likely be all over it. 🙂 I may throw caution to the wind with my kid, but I’m not about to take responsibility for everyone else’s!

  5. It’s not just kids that break legs due to that “wrong angle” situation Brigitte mentioned above. My brother (age 24) broke his leg just bouncing too. Scary! My kids are bummed that I am so against trampolines.

  6. Great deal, but I’m a big meanie too. Although, I do have AFLAC! No way, my middle kid is already bruised enough the way it is without one!

  7. The old mattress on the floor of the playroom is not only the “bouncy bed” for such trampoline needs as my youngest has always had, but it also still works as a floor for other playing. So much safer!

  8. We have one, pretty similar to this one, and it’s the best $200 we ever spent. My kids absolutely love it. I was surprised, and somewhat amused, when we were at the ER for an unrelated stitches incident, (tree root + backward fall off swing = OUCH!), the ER nurses and doctor’s were unabashed with their enthusiasm for the tramp. Exercise for the kids and all that.

    We’re strict on rules, one at a time, no flips, etc.; and we always will have an enclosure, but everything in life’s dangerous, we feel we’ve mitigated what we can and highly recommend it.

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