What would you NOVICA?

By Mir
May 17, 2011
Category Contests

I’m late getting this week’s contest up, but I hope this will make it up to you: We’re going to have a reprisal of one of our more popular contests! Our friends over at NOVICA have once again offered up a $50 gift certificate to one lucky Want Not reader, to spend on whatever your heart desires. (Full disclosure: I am also getting a gift certificate for running this contest. Usually I say “Oh no, that’s okay, I’m fine,” but I am a sucker for NOVICA and so I said, “Oh thank you very much,” instead. Heh.)

If you’re unfamiliar with NOVICA, they work in association with National Geographic to bring artisan works from all over the world to a larger audience. They specialize in fair trade corporate gifts, green gifts, and even microfinance opportunities (if that’s more your thing). New this time ’round is the news that they’ve launched NOVICA Live, a program where devotees can become consultants—worth checking out if you love their products and have been looking for a small business opportunity.

Anyway! Do you want to win yourself a $50 NOVICA gift certificate? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, May 20th, 2011 for a chance to win. I’ll select a winner via random number generation, and I’m not even making you tell me what you would buy because believe me, I know how hard it is to pick just one thing there.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh, I love Novica – and I have a vase – Amber and Jade, on my Wishlist that I am lusting after. But I am being good and earning my way to it with extra money – but $50.00 would help me earn it even faster!

  2. Oooh. So much pretty stuff!! WANT.

  3. I Love Novica! I really like everything they represent – awesome contest!

  4. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!!!

  5. Yahooo!

  6. I love their stuff! Thanks!

  7. So cool! Thanks, Mir, for all you do for us.

  8. Oh wow, I would love love to win it.

  9. I love NOVICA!

  10. I am pretty sure I need cocktail glasses called “liquid confetti.”

  11. Pretty please!

  12. Well, I’m apparently living in the dark ages since this is the first I’ve heard of NOVICA. After perusing their website, I’m a little miffed that I’ve been missing out. Hmmpf.

  13. Oh such pretty things!

  14. What a fun contest!

  15. I have been drooling over a pitcher there to fill with margaritas. If I win, you’re invited over for drinks 🙂

  16. Thanks!

  17. Excellent – thanks, Mir!

  18. Oh wow…just clicked through to their site. What amazing things that I didn’t even know I needed until this very moment. Not sure how I would choose, but pick me pretty please!

  19. I’d love this!! Happy moving on day to all of us!

  20. that would be so wonderful!

  21. I could definately spend $50 there!

  22. Have I mentioned lately that you are very pretty? And this contest makes you even prettier???

  23. Such pretty, pretty things….

  24. So many good ideas are coming to me for all the pretty things… 🙂

  25. Yes, please!!!!

  26. I’m a Novica junkie so this fits well to further my habit!

  27. Oh, it sounds similar to 10,000 Villages. Love it! Glad you’re getting a little something for your troubles, too. 🙂

  28. Oooh – with a new baby on the way (and hence a muchy postpartum body), I would treat myself to one of the lovely tunic tops and feel oh-so-pretty!

  29. Me likey.

  30. Who wouldn’t want to win!

  31. Would love it! Thanks!

  32. So many things on there I would love to have!

  33. A great site. Would love to shop! Please please.

  34. Yes please! I love NOVICA.

  35. I’m in!

  36. Oh, yes please! I just ordered a set of Mexican glasses and would LOVE to add to our collection for free. Pick me! Pick me!

  37. I’ve never looked at it, but it sounds like such a cool organization! Winning this might just get me hooked!

  38. love it! thanks!

  39. I’ve never had the pleasure.

  40. I love GREEN, and Fair Trade, so please pick me, oh pretty random number generator!

  41. Me please!!

  42. oh, yes, pretty please! NOVICA’s mission is such a good one.

  43. This would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Oh, how awesome! That would be great!

  45. Fingers crossed! Thanks for hosting another great contest.

  46. Looking at the NOVICA website makes me drool. In a positive way, that is. 🙂

  47. OOOO OOOOO Pick me! Pick me!

  48. Yes, please! Thanks!

  49. Would love this!

  50. Wow. Definitely too many great things to narrow it down just yet. I’d love to win. Thanks!

  51. more sister-in-law presents!

  52. Pick me, pick me!

  53. That would lift my spirits considerably.

  54. Winning would surely be lovely.

  55. They have such pretty stuff. Pretty like Mir!!

  56. I got an incredibly gorgeous Thai-made purse from NOVICA last winter and I’d love a chance to get another in a different color!

  57. Sparkles and glitter – choose me!

  58. Yay! Crossing my fingers…

  59. I’m in!

  60. I LOVE Novica. . . Here’s hoping!

    Thanks Mir

  61. I’d love to win! Thanks Mir!

  62. Gorgeous stuff!

  63. cool! Count me in!

  64. Me! Me! 😉

  65. Thank you!

  66. Love it – thanks!

  67. Thanks for the chance!!

  68. I recently ordered a beautiful necklace from them (Groupon!), and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

  69. super cool.

  70. There are a few things that I really love @ Novica. So many pretty dangly earrings. /drool.

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I win this one!

  71. LOVE Novica! I normally order gifts and it would be fun to pick out something for me for a change. 🙂

  72. Awesome! Thanks.

  73. just one thing would be far too hard to name – such a great contest!!!

  74. Such beautiful things, thanks for the chance!

  75. I, too, have never heard of NOVICA. I’d love to win!

  76. Yay!

  77. I love NOVICA! However, I’ve had to console myself with just looking at all their beautiful items instead of buying anything due to a tight budget. I’d adore a chance to win something from their fabulous website.

  78. pick me please.

  79. Oooh, I love looking at the Novica site, and it would be fun to pick something out. Thank you for the contest!

  80. Great contest!

  81. OOOOHHHH!!! What a great surprise this would be!

  82. Whoo!

  83. Da, yes, si, oui.

  84. Pick me, Pick me! Thanks.

  85. Would love something pretty for my neck! Thanks – Jessica

  86. But if I win and the world ends on May 21st, I won’t get to use it. Oh well, I will take my chances.

  87. Yay, stuff!

  88. A guilt-free shopping spree? Yes, please!

  89. I’d love it!

  90. Please pick me!

  91. Yes, please!?! Love NOVICA

  92. I would love to win this!

  93. Count me in too! Yay NOVICA!

  94. I would love this.

  95. I would love to win!

  96. NOVICA – shopping I can really get behind! What a great prize!

  97. This would be LOVELY!!!

  98. I would love this prize.

  99. This prize sounds great!

  100. I have never heard of Novica until now.

  101. Me!

  102. They have tons of beautiful things.

  103. just redid my living room & bedroom and am looking for a few things to spice it up.

  104. Oooh. Pretty.

  105. Ohhh very exciting!

  106. Their stuff is AMAZING!

  107. Pick me random generator!

  108. Ooh, me! me!

  109. Oh, I love Novica and would LOVE $50 to spend there!

  110. not being familiar with NOVICA, I had me a look around their site. I’m hooked! I would love to win this.

  111. Pick me!!

  112. oh, yes please!!

  113. Me! Me! I just TODAY got a package in the mail from them after redeeming–just before it was set to expire–the Groupon you mentioned back, oh, a few months ago. I now have an pair of silver and amethyst earrings that are probably the prettiest earrings I own. While browsing the website to choose these, I saw several others I’d really, really like.

  114. pretty please!

  115. I’m in! Thanks Mir!

  116. Pick me, please!

  117. So awesome, I would love this!

  118. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  119. Such beautiful things.

  120. I love their things. It is hard to pick just one thing

  121. Would love to win! Hope I do ~

  122. Random me!

  123. I would like to win, please. Thanks!

  124. I hope I win! Thanks, Pretty Mir! 🙂

  125. Fingers crossed……..thanks!

  126. Very cool stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Hoping I’m due for a win!

  128. your the best

  129. Ooh, pretty shiny things!

  130. There is a ring I have been eying for a while. I hope I’ll be lucky this time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. novica is great!

  132. thanks for the introduction to NOVICA. would be nifty to win.

  133. I would love this. Thanks!

  134. I am in. I love NOVICA.

  135. Yippee!

  136. I love their jewelry so I would love an excuse to buy some!

  137. Yes please!!

  138. Yes please!

  139. They have such great stuff.

  140. I love Novica!

  141. me!

  142. pick me! pick me!

  143. Happy it’s NOT my birthday, to me??????

  144. it would be so nice to win!

  145. What a fun contest! And what a great company!

  146. How would I ever decide! Everything is so lovely.

  147. Winning this would definitely make me more pretty.

  148. I LOVE Novica!

  149. How pretty, like Mir!

  150. Thank you for this contest!

  151. I’m feeling lucky!

  152. What a cool company. Having fun looking at their website.

  153. I love NOVICA! Thanks for the contest!

  154. I don’t think I’ve ever seen NOVICA before … thanks for sharing!

  155. My mom’s birthday is coming. She’s love a Novica present and I’d love having it off my LIST!

  156. One of my favorite stores-I have to throw my hat in the ring on this one.

  157. Yes! I would love to win!

  158. ooo! i would love this!

  159. Thanks!

  160. Yes please

  161. Such Cool stuff! Thanks

  162. Do I want to win yourself a $50 NOVICA gift certificate? Of course I do!

  163. Cool–thanks!

  164. They have fabulous stuff!

  165. Yes, please!

  166. Yes, please.

  167. it would be great to win!

  168. I know I can find something to use this on! 🙂

  169. I’d never heard of NOVICA, and now I think I might be in trouble. So many pretty things!

  170. So much pretty stuff…. I would have a very hard time deciding how to spend my $50!

  171. Pick me please!! 🙂

  172. So many nice things. Thanks!!!

  173. Pretty stuff! Pretty contest! Pretty Mir! Pretty commenters!

  174. How have I been in the dark about this website?!?! I know what I’m perusing the rest of this slow, rainy, work day!

  175. SIGN ME UP!

  176. Yes please!

  177. oooooh!

  178. I’m not EVEN shopping until you tell me that I’ve won… too much temptation over there! I love NOVICA.

  179. $50 to spend on ME? On cool things that are WANTS and not NEEDS? It’s almost beyond reasoning.

  180. I’ve never bought anything there, but I would love to! And a gift certificate is a perfect enticement!

  181. Pick me! Please!

  182. Woot! Love Novica!

  183. Ooooooh!

  184. I would love this! Thanks!

  185. I’m in

  186. Yes, thank you very much!

  187. Ooo, ooo, pick me! Please random number generator?

  188. Count me in!

  189. Pick me!

  190. Do I want to win a $50 NOVICA gift certificate? Of course I do!

  191. Please pick me! This would be so awesome!

  192. Yes, please.

  193. Yes, I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  194. pick me please

  195. Would love to chose something from Novica!

  196. It is tough to pick just one thing there!

  197. I pine for many things Novica . .

  198. oh…SO pretty!!!!! =)

  199. This would be pretty sweet!

  200. Fabulous. Now this is something I could use to shop for Fathers’ Day!

  201. Nice!

  202. Wow… it looks like they have some really neat things.

  203. NOVICA is incredible… and I have my eye on about 70 things there!

  204. Oh, I almost missed this! Yes, please!

  205. I love NOVICA!

  206. My mom’s birthday is coming up in June, so I would love to be able to get her some jewelry from there!

  207. Sweet contest — count me in!

  208. Thanks, MIr!

  209. Beautiful jewelry! Awesome giveaway!

  210. Beautiful jewelry! Thanks!

  211. Yeah! So many possibilities……

  212. Another great gift opportunity. Pick me random number generator…..

  213. please. pick. me.

  214. Yes please!

  215. hi!

  216. Pick meeeee

  217. I’d love to have a chance to choose something! Thanks.

  218. LOVE Novica! Please randomly pick me.

  219. Sooooo pretty!

  220. I could find something to novica

  221. I almost didn’t click through because I didn’t know what NOVICA was, and it is such a boring, unsexy name that it didn’t interest me. But now that I know – woot! I’m in.

  222. I’d love to win this!

  223. Oooh, so pretty!

  224. Their things are so nice!

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