Free shipping at Children’s Place

By Mir
May 26, 2011

So a friend of mine told me she was going to the actual in-the-mall-store of our local Children’s Place yesterday, and I almost asked her to pick up some shorts for my kid, because despite posting deals for them nearly every week, I swear that child up and outgrew some of his shorts in just the last few days. But then I didn’t ask, and I figured I wasn’t going to want to pay shipping, so I went online “just to look,” and lo and behold: They’re offering free shipping on every order, automatically, though May 30th. Score!

You can also still use coupon code W7D2011 for an additional 15% off, so if you’re stacking it with those $5 specials they’ve got going on for Memorial Day, you’ll be grabbing things like those shorts I got for just $4.25 apiece. I don’t know if you can beat that even if you go to that Giant Horrible Store Which Shall Not Be Named.


  1. Thanks so much – my son really needs sandals but I haven’t found a decent deal on any. CP had a pair for only $10.20 after the discount and free shipping + 10% cash back through Shop At Home today! His feet thank you!

  2. Thank you!!!

    All my son really needed from CP was underwear (he finds theirs to be quite comfy) and I was NOT going to spend $5 to ship underwear.

  3. 5 tshirts, 9 pairs of silly socks, a head band, glam glasses, and lace capri leggings for $30 shipped. I don’t know whether to kiss you on the mouth or curse you. 🙂

  4. You can also still use coupon code W7D2011 for an additional 15% off, so if you

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