I cannot tell a lie…

By Mir
May 26, 2011

… I had some oral surgery yesterday and I’m having a hard time getting the pain (and the hunger) under control, today. It may be time to call it an early day and go curl up for part of the afternoon.

That said, I’d hate to leave you empty-handed. So here: Did you happen to notice that today’s deals at 6pm.com include Clarks and Frye? I did. And I feel too crummy to even go browse, which is a whole new level of pitiful for me.

But you go enjoy on my behalf, okay?


  1. Gasp! Aw, poor bunny! Maybe some frozen daiquiris would do the trick for you . .

  2. It might be too early for these, but once you’re up to having something in your mouth for a minute or two, you might try cepacol lozenges. They have a mild local anaesthetic in them, so they’d maybe numb things for you? Poor baby.

  3. Feel better and may the smoothies (made by someone else) run freely!

  4. Feel better! I just had 2 fillings and a temporary crown done, so I feel your pain! I think I’ll join you on the couch.

  5. OOF! I agree with Brigette & Julie. Hope you feel better really soon! Try to take it easy!! Dental work just sucks! 🙂

  6. I hope you are feeling better today.

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