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By Mir
June 7, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Uh oh… it’s yet another swoon-worthy day of deals at Vera Bradley!

Here’s what you get to choose from, today:
* Free shipping on your $100+ order.
* 25% off four of their most popular patterns.
* Every Lisa B or Morgan bag is just $17.99 today only.

I myself have yet to succumb to the siren song of Vera (though, ironically, my new glasses frames are from them), but my teen and her friends love them. It was a proud, proud day for me when she found and purchased a VB bag from the thrift store… but at these prices, it’s only a few dollars more to get one new!


  1. Wouldn’t you know my purse is falling apart and I could use a new one…and purse shopping with kids is no fun. I’ve never had anything from this Vera Bradly but on a hot day, it was fun to just sit and look. I decided the Lisa Bag isn’t too huge looking and I was able to find a pattern I don’t think looks too, um…(how do I say old-ladish without sounding rude?)…I found a pattern that fits my style! Thanks for passing on this sale. 🙂

  2. And editing a comment with kids around is hard to…”This Vera Bradly”?!? Shesh.

  3. I’ve never gotten sucked into the Vera Bradley universe either… but somehow knowing that teenagers like this stuff makes me more intrigued… (How pathetic is that?!)

  4. I’m with you in not sharing the Vera love. Dating myself here–but I remember when no one carried this stuff around except for ladies of a certain age. In fact, I kind of recall my grandmother expressing a wish for one of Vera’s handbags many years ago. When I first saw college girls toting their Veras to class (I teach at a university), it took me aback. Some of it is starting to look pretty to me now, but that’s probably just a result of seeing it around so much.

  5. When I first saw Vera Bradley purses, I also thought they looked like something my grandmother would carry. Then I saw one pattern I liked and bought a “villager”. I have to say, once you use a purse with six inside organizer pockets, it’s hard to go back to any other purse! I still don’t care for most of the patterns, but I have found a few that I like. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale, Mir!

  6. I think I just became a Vera fan too! I got 3 of the Morgan bags for Christmas gifts — can you say preschool teachers?! Then I went back today and got myself a small and large duffel with matching cosmetic cases! ohh…pretty!!! Funny how my taste is changing too!

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