Rue La Le Creuset

By Mir
June 7, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am trying very, very hard to stop looking at Rue La La today. I mean, so what if they have deeply discounted Le Creuset stuff? Do I really need those adorable star-shaped ramekins? Probably not.

And that petite stoneware casserole dish that looks like a tomato is darling, but really, don’t I have enough casserole dishes? Probably.

Still. Man. It’s pretty, isn’t it? It really, really is.


  1. You know us so well, Mir. Do we want designer clothing we’ve never heard of? NO! We want french cookware. Sigh. We certainly do.

  2. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it’s still out of my price range. If it weren’t, I’d have no will power at all.

  3. Argh! Just a year ago I bought a set of Le Creuset cookware, figuring it was about time I had something decent to cook with. And YES it is worth the money – the stuff is a dream to use and clean. My set is in the dark blue…and my kitchen is blue and yellow.

    Someone please hold me back from the “purchase” button…I don’t really need the huge french oven, even though it is a steal…

  4. Oh, I am craving it!!!! Wow, they have some nice pieces but do I NEED them…no…sigh…

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