For the squinkies fans

By Mir
June 9, 2011

Full disclosure: I have no idea what squinkies are. I mean, I see them. I’m looking at them. I’m guessing they’re… kind of a cross between Littlest Pet Shop and the Fisher Price Little People. Is that right? They’re little collectible play figure… things. Yes.

(Can I just say how glad I am that my kids are past the age of wanting some toy that comes in a gazillion “collectible” iterations? I may still be stepping on Legos, but at least I’m not dealing with that.)

Anyway. Despite my relative squinkies ignorance, I’m told they’re A Thing. If they’re A Thing at your house, take a look at today’s Target Daily Deals. I guess a “bubble pack” of squinkies is usually $10, and today they have twelve different sets available for just $5.99 apiece with free shipping.

So you still have creepy little figures all over your house, but you got them for 40% off. (What?)


  1. Actually, I;d say they are more a cross between Littlest Pet Shop and a pencil eraser. They are VERY small and a big thing with the 3/4 grade set around here. They were even banned from the classroom last year. Sometimes you can find them in those gum/vending machines and now there are tons of off-brand ones too so your collection will never end.

  2. The good news is when you step on them in the middle of the night it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as when you step on legos.

  3. Yeah, I’d better not get her started on these…

  4. My 8 yr old would be thrilled if I told her about this deal. I am smarter than that, however. She already has too many Squinkies.

  5. You are SO PRETTY!!! Thanks for passing along the Squinkies deal! They are a huge deal for my 5 and 8 year olds, and we’re waiting for the Cars 2 sets to arrive in stores (already have the Super Heroes for my son). These packs are going into treat bags for my son’s bday party. On sale, they’re less than 40cents each– the kids are going to be so happy!!!! Once again, you’re so pretty!!

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