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By Mir
June 13, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you remember back to when the Target Daily Deals were 1) always good and 2) somewhat thematic? (Like, it’d be all shoes! Or shirts for the whole family! And everything was half off!) I kind of miss those days.

On the other hand, their new habit of posting a random assortment of items which may or may not be a good deal has provided me with no end of entertainment. No, really. I like to play a little game called Relate These Items. So, today, for example, you should scoop up that Mr. Beer brewing kit for Dad (all dads like beer, I’m sure that’s their message there), then the kids can go play in the sprinkler while drunk Dad sprawls out in the dish chair and you sit straight-backed and disapproving in the leather parsons chair. See? Fun!

Game aside, that’s a great price on the dish chair (my kids love those), and even the brewing kit is a good $7 cheaper than Amazon’s price. Just sayin’.


  1. That’s hilarious. You forgot to add the baseball cap pulled down across dad’s eyes.

  2. Quick homebrewing advice – this Mr. Beer kit is fine if someone doesn’t really want to get into homebrewing as a hobby and just wants to play around with it. If you think it’s something they might want to get into and stay into, you’d probably be better off with a basic homebrewing kit that is more expandable and less proprietary. Northern Brewer has a good starter one for $80. http://www.northernbrewer.com/brewing/starter-kits If it’s just a fun gift for a beer lover, Mr. Beer is fine, but you can’t really go much farther with it. 🙂

  3. UUUUGH– for some reason I can’t send you a message so here’s this totally irrelevant comment for you: My friend told me about this promotion sevenslings is running.
    I guess they are trying to get their name out there by giving away their slings.
    When u use promo-code “cute” it brings the price from $39 to $0.
    I just checked it and so I hope it is still working for you. (stolen from Boise Craigslist)

  4. Careful – a lot of those free sling deals are scams to get your credit card info. If you google ‘sevenslings scam’, you’ll see lots of results. You’ll probably get the sling, but then you should keep an eye on your statements.

  5. EEEEEK! Thanks for the heads-up!!!!

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