Food storage, half price and locked tight

By Mir
June 14, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today you can snag a great $25 for $50 deal at Groupon on various and sundry storage items at Lock & Lock (warning: thanks to the Groupon, the site is running pretty slow right now).

True, if you do an everyday comparison of prices between their company site and the discounts at Amazon, it might not seem worth it. But Lock & Lock runs a couple of incredible sales each year, and the Groupon won’t expire for a year—buy it now and wait for one of those sales, and you could score big.

I shamelessly love the little Lock & Locks for packing lunches; those lids batten down every time and never get loosened no matter how much they’re jostled in backpacks.


  1. WARNING – As per the comments thread on the groupon site, you CANNOT use this groupon combined with any other coupon or offer, which I believe means that you can’t use it during a sale??? Am slightly annoyed b/c I found this out after purchasing it, and I’m not sure it was such a great deal. Oh well.

  2. I found out the hard way, too…with another Groupon I bought recently for our local nursery. $10 for $20 of merchandise. Went to buy mulch that has been 3/$9.99 all season. They charged me $4.99/bag because the Groupon wasn’t good for the sale price…they NEVER sell the mulch for $4.99 a bag! What a ripoff! I still saved about a buck a bag, but not worth the time and hassle of having to make multiple trips to redeem the Groupons on separate visits.

  3. You can always return a Groupon – it’s really easy. Just email them and they’ll credit your card! Supposedly they’ll even credit you if you had a bad experience (I’ve only returned one I had a hard time making an appointment for, so I can’t vouch for the bad experience).

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