Maybe tomorrow they’ll pretend not to know you

By Mir
June 14, 2011

Remember when those so-called “Friends & Family” sales really were exclusive? You only got an invite in the mail (in the mail, in an envelope and everything!) if you were a credit-card holder at the particular store or maybe if you shopped there a certain amount? On the one hand, I have to appreciate how the Internet has made these sales available to everyone, but on the other—because I have an overactive imagination—now I sort of picture one big happy family on the sale days, and then the minute the sale ends, they slam the doors shut and claim to have never seen you before in their lives.

(No, it really isn’t easy being me. Why do you ask?)

Ahem. Anyway! Today’s the last day of the Friends and Family sale at Bon-Ton, which means that you can use coupon code FRIFAMJUN11 to save 25% on almost everything (some exclusions apply; see site for details). Furthermore, shipping is automatically free on your $99+ order, or stack coupon code 2011ELITEGUEST for free shipping on your $50+ order.

And I’m sure they’ll still like you tomorrow, too. Just, you know, 25% less.


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