Kinect with an extra $100

By Mir
June 21, 2011

If you’ve been considering going Xbox so that you can embrace the spookiness that is the Kinect (hey, I don’t care how cool it is that it can “see” you jumping around, that’s a little spooky), check out today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal—it’s a 4GB Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle for $300, but with a $100 promotional credit back.

There are a few limitations on what you can spend that $100 on—you can’t use it on a Kindle, for example—but really, are you going to have any problem finding $100 worth of Amazon stuff you want? I didn’t think so.

I’ll stick to my Wii, but if you’ve been thinking about taking the Kinect plunge, this is a pretty sweet deal.

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  1. Was planning on buying this for Christmas so now with the free $100 I can get some more games. I’ll be the best mom this year!!

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