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By Mir
June 22, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Make the switch to rechargeable batteries, please—it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper in the long run, nine out of ten baby seals agree. (All true! Except possibly the bit about the seals.) But the fact remains that sometimes you just need “regular” batteries for something, and no matter how committed you are to your rechargeables, every now and then you need alkalines.

So maybe peek over at today’s Amazon Gold Box deal to nab a 16-count Max Energizer pack of AA or AAA batteries for just $7.75. That’ll make you set for quite a while on junky kiddie flashlight power and such.

Save the rechargeables for the important things… like the television remote. Heh.

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  1. Plus, if you do Subscribe and Save, it comes down to $6.59!

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