They just keep growing, and expecting clothes

By Mir
June 23, 2011

My kids are both in the grips of growth spurts, and half the time when they appear in the morning (usually past 10:00, when they’ve finally deigned to roll out of bed) I have to do a double-take and ask, “Did you grow in your sleep?” Pajamas that fit the night before seem to have shrunk overnight, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re taller than I am.

[Let us pause, briefly, while I sing a mournful rendition of “Sunrise, Sunset.” This is why you’re thankful that I don’t do video blogs.]

Where was I? Oh! Right! If your kids are similarly growth-spurt-y (totally a scientific term), you may need a few things from Children’s Place even though they just had a sale and a coupon last week. Well guess what! They’re still having a sale (shocking!) and through June 26th, you can use coupon code C3E2011 for an additional 20% off your $30+ order.

It won’t stop them from growing so fast, but it might stop you from going broke, keeping them clothed.


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